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Scenarios ~ link ~ This is a link to a copy of my recent article 'Scenarios' that Pak Alert Press has published. This is a link to the article on

Iran, Israel, USA and War Games ~ link ~ The annual Israeli/American air defense war games named 'Juniper Cobra' normally takes place in the Spring but NOT THIS YEAR. The exercise will officially begin on October 15 but much of the weapon systems and operators are moving into place now. This will just happen to be the largest such 'Juniper Cobra' exercise in history. Sounds like America is moving massive assets into place to try to protect Israel when it begins the coming war with Iran in a few days.

Is the U.S. Preparing to Bomb Iran? ~ link ~ Another question: Are the American people behind this? Are they ready for tens to a hundred million deaths from Iranian Advanced Biowar in America? Are they ready for the total collapse of the American and global economy?

Iran's Nuclear Threat Is A LIE ~ link ~ PsychOps at work.

Russia to sell S-400 Air Defense System to Saudi Arabia - Deal expected to kill S-300 sale to Iran ~ link ~ Getting things all set up for the coming war.

Today is the 8th anniversary of the beginning of the Afghan War. This is the longest war in America's history. The war was founded on the 9/11 False Flag Operation - started on a lie.
Why the War in Afghanistan cannot be won ~ link
Fire McChrystal and Get Out of Afghanistan ~ link ~ That would make too much sense.
Obama to lawmakers: Many won't like my Afghanistan decision ~ link ~ Get out NOW and the American people will like it!
56% of UK population opposed to Afghan War ~ link
Obama weighing war options on 8th anniversary of Afghanistan War ~ link ~ Lets see: Option 1 - Continue this expensive war as America sinks ever deeper into a world-class depression; continue to have our troops killed and maimed for no strategic reason; continue the longest war in American history with no real chance at victory. Or Option 2 - Get the hell out NOW; end the on-going high costs in money and lives on a unnecessary war. I bet he picks Option # 1.

Pakistani nuclear forces - 2009 ~ link ~ Click on the PDF button. Most interesting.

China and Russia don't want to finance US military efforts and are moving to take down the US Dollar and the US economy - video ~ link ~ When the Dollar collapses the Downwards revaluation of the dollar could be 50% or 75% or even 80%. That will turn America into a poor nation as we import almost everything anymore. This is a good video, especially the final comments.

CanWest Global Communications Corp. files for bankruptcy ~ link ~ Large Canadian pro-Neocon news organization in deep debt.

Ex-UK Army chief 'offered Conservative Party role' ~ link

Ex- UK Army chief to be made a Peer - To take Tory 'whip' in House of Lords ~ link ~ So the Tories, well funded by the Rothschilds with Lady Rothschild deeply involved in fund raising, are bringing on-board a retired general who is a supporter of more British troops in the Afghan War. That most British citizens want the UK OUT OF AFGHANISTAN does NOT matter. Also see ~ link

Gordon Brown turned down request for more troops in Afghan War says retired Army chief ~ link ~ Sounds like General Dannatt really wants a top Tory cabinet position next year.

Experts question 'scientist's' claim of reproducing the Shroud of Turin ~ link ~ This 'scientist' has admitted that his 'research' was funded by a atheist group. Some people go to great lengths to oppose God.

SWAT raid on food storehouse heading to trial on lawsuit against cops ~ link ~ This family is fighting back against the growing police state fascism in America. More power to them!

FBI chief says al-Qaeda is expanding its reach ~ link ~ What total bullshit! Al-Qaeda does not exist. It is the creation of the CIA and Mossad. In Arabic slang it means "little toilet" - no 'real' terrorist group would ever use such a name but the Mossad would certainly use such a name as 'insult to injury'.

The Great Poisoning of America Begins - October 2009 ~ link ~ If you are too dumb to think outside of the box and question what is really going on with this "Swine Flu" and its "Vaccine", you will be at very grave risk.

Most Americans dying from flu-related illnesses are likely to exhibit nutritional deficiencies ~ link ~ You need to be aggressive with vitamins and minerals due to the poor corporate controlled food in today's world.

The US government (CDC and FDA) and Big Pharma knew at least as far back as 2003 that vaccine components (such as Thimerosal [mercury]) causes autism ~ link ~ One in 96 children are now found to have autism at some level; in boys the number is much higher - 1 in 56. This is PURE EVIL. They know damn good and well what Thimerosal does to people but they not only don't care, they want it to happen so they can sell more drugs to 'treat' the problems. They truly have earned a place in Hell for this type of evil. Don't allow your children to take any vaccine nor take any yourself.

World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan admits Swine Flu is MILD and IS NOT MUTATING to become more virulent ~ link ~ This is a GIANT RED FLAG. There is NO REASON for what is the largest medical 'emergency' vaccination in human history. So what are the hidden powers REALLY UP TO?!!

EU setting 'interior ministry/Home Office' in secret talks ~ link ~ Of course. The Rothschilds set up the EU and now that they have the Lisbon Treaty to make the EU into a super-state they intend to bring in all types of advanced police state technology and do so in a way that the EU 'voters' can do absolutely NOTHING about.

New York State orders doctor to shut down low-cost medical plan ~ link ~ Medicine in America has become terribly corrupt, ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY.

Italian court rules PM Silvio Berlusconi's immunity law is unconstitutional ~ link ~ Too bad, now this Neocon puppet might have to go to jail someday.

Mankind Held Hostage By Satanists ~ link

Dissident US nuns unlikely to change, even in the face of Vatican Inquiry and shrinking numbers ~ link ~ One of the 'secrets' of Roman Catholicism, especially in America, is that several 'Catholic' orders of nuns have been taken over by lesbians who are not Christian nor Catholic. The Church should have taken steps years ago to clean up this mess, but under Pope John Paul II did nothing. Now Pope Benedict XVI is making some quite efforts to change things.

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