Monday, October 5, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Lisbon Treaty: Will War Criminal Tony Blair Become President of Europe ~ link ~ I played a key roll in forcing this bum from office, I sure hope he does not make it back in.

White House says Leaving Afghanistan NOT an Option ~ link ~ Bullshit!

Terrible NATO losses in Afghan War ~ link

Eight more US soldiers die in unnecessary Afghan War as Obama considers sending more troops ~ link ~ Get out NOW.

Escalation of Afghan War coming ~ link

Isreali IDF Chief of General Staff and US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff and French Chief of Staff in Secret Pre-Iran War Talks In France ~ link ~ The French are very important to the war planning as they have forces in Lebanon and have close contacts in Lebanon. The war against Iran, will be from day-one a general Middle East War involving Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Palestine and perhaps several other states in the Middle East with supporting roles by America, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and others.

Israeli Exceptionalism ~ link ~ Israel demands to be treated fairly, as is its right. But then it forces, through bribery of the political class, very special treatment, and that is wrong. Wrong for us and in the long run wrong for Israel.

Serious clashes in Old Jerusalem ~ link ~ This comes during the week long (actually more like nine days) Jewish festival of Sakkot. An attack on Iran is less likely during the Sakkot festival, but afterwards look out.

Problems over the Temple Mount - New Palestine Uprising Coming? ~ link ~ Anyone know what the "Jewish Priests Blessing" at the Wailing Wall is, that is referred to in this article?

Americans manufacture another nuclear crisis for a War on Iran ~ link

United Arab Emirates will get a Nuclear Power Plant with help from America ~ link ~ UAE gets this, but we are suppose to go to war and kill maybe billions of people over Iran having the same thing!!!

Italian scientist claims Shroud of Turin a fake ~ link ~ This 'scientist', who admits his research was funded by an Italian association of atheists and agnostics, says he 'figured out' how the Shroud was faked. This article has so much that is false. I know some of the top researchers into the Shroud and briefly was involved as a go-between between them and the then Cardinal Archbishop of Turin. The C-14 tests have been disproved by C-14 experts. For one thing the area tested was repaired/replaced in the Middle Ages. For another thing, the bioplastic material that exists on the linen fibers was not removed prior to the C-14 test, and that had a material effect on the test result. Historians now know the historic route of the Shroud and it goes back to the time of Christ and is documented. The Holy Shroud of Turin has almost 'subliminal' multiple photo images in it that are simply not accountable by any Middle Ages process. The testing of DNA and pollen samples from the Shroud include plants that only grow in the Jerusalem area. The blood type and blood stain placements match that on the head covering cloth that has been in Spain since the late Dark Ages. Etc. Etc. Etc. There is a truly massive amount of material available that supports, in either a scientific or historical way, that this is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

Miracles in Mozambique - video ~ link

Where Are The Jobs Congressman? ~ link ~ Great Article!

Entering the Greatest Depression in History ~ link ~ This is all part of the plan of the global banking families/Illumunati as they take us into the End Game of the long-term strategy to establish a global police slave state New World Order.

Arab states, Russia, China, and France in secret moves against US Dollar ~ link ~ When the Dollar tanks, look out!

American Financial System Systemic Failure Nears ~ link

Stock Market Collapse Dead Ahead say experts ~ link

Reports now say Ahmadinejad does NOT have Jewish roots ~ link ~ link ~ Who cares. The important thing is the coming war.

Canada: Study shows people vaccinated more apt to get Swine Flu ~ link

The Threat to Your Liberties is Here ~ link

Exceptional human did not evolve from Apes ~ link

Over 100,000 protest over press freedom in Italy ~ link ~


Anonymous said...

I can bet that if the soldiers in Afganistan,Iraq knew for what they are fighting, more than 90% percent wouldn't do this.(p.s. Your blog is very useful,thanks!)

Anonymous said...

an interesting story
Independent UK:
Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil trading..


Hillcrest Toronto said...

Wow, thanks a lot for the great links. The one about Canada and swine flue interests me the most, of course. Just weird, though. How can people who get vaccinated be more likely to catch H1N1? It makes no sense.