Sunday, October 4, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

US Economy losing 7.63 jobs every minute - 458.3 per hour - 11,000 per day ~ link ~ But at least the bankers have been taken care of with $12.8 TRILLION in bailout funds. The masses of Americans can just suffer while the corrupt fat cats stay fat.

The Recovery That Isn't ~ link ~ That some trashy 'mouthpieces' are claiming a 'recovery' is underway is evidence of just how sick and corrupt our political-economic environment has become.

US retailers scared over dismal coming Christmas season ~ link ~ Even without a new war, we can expect massive retail closings in January.

Bibi Netanyahu's 'Yes We Can' Moment ~ link ~ Bibi the man most likely to start World War III.

Netanyahu names Russians who are claimed to be 'helping' Iran build a nuclear bomb ~ link ~ Israel has no real credibility on this issue having lied, and been involved in so many false stories, so many times. What is for sure is that tiny Israel has the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal on Earth.

Russia and Saudi bargaining over S-400 Air Defense System said tied to Saudi attempts to keep S-300 Air Defense System from Iran ~ link ~ I have no doubt that Israel and/or USA will be able to bomb Iran. I also have no doubt that Iran will be able to respond with deadly Advanced Biowar attacks inside Israel, USA, EU/NATO.

Two senior Republican US Senators say USA not Israel should attack Iran ~ link ~ This is what I mean when I say "bought-and-paid-for" politicians. These two bums are totally owned by a foreign power.

The Depth of Corruption - the lies leading to a War on Iran ~ link ~ This article calls to attention the role that Tony Blair, soon to be President of Europe, played in the lies leading to the Iraq War.

Russia: To send Navy warships to escort Abkhazia bound ships ~ link ~ In my recent article, Scenarios, I mention how a naval clash in this area could help turn the coming general Middle East War into the Third World War.

The Philippines may be forced to import rice due to recent storm damage ~ link

Sarkozy tells Cameron he was 'stupid' to pull Tories out of EU group ~ link ~ At the 'end of the day' both Cameron and Sarkozy work for the Rothschilds and they will both be on-board the new EU. UPDATE: David Cameron retreats on holding a EU referendum ~ link ~ Told you!

United Kingdom: So our 1,000 years of history ends like this ~ link ~ This is what the Rothschilds and their Illumunati organization demanded. They will use 'Phony Tony' Blair to destroy as much of Europe as he was able to destroy in the United Kingdom.

Tony Blair favored to be EU President ~ link ~ I played a key role in the removal of Blair from Number 10 - read my book ~ link

Large Roman protest rally against Berlusconi and his control over media ~ link ~ The Italians are much more aware of the true political and economic and cultural importance of the control of the media than Americans.

UK Army Chief, General Richards, says defeat in Afghan War unthinkable ~ link ~ What is unthinkable is that based on the 9/11 False Flag operation, we are still at war almost 8 years later with no end in sight and people like Richards are still talking about "Al-Qaeda".

Indonesian earthquake: Death toll likely to be over 1,000 - Three whole villages buried ~ link

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Everybody fight for a "freedom" (especialy Bush,and now Obama) ; people, stop being blind and open up your eyes-YOU'VE EVER BEEN FREE.Nobody can't take it from you only and only if you ALL are choosing to live in freedom.Think?! (posted by "Republic of Moldova")