Friday, October 2, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Iran and the G-20 meeting ~ link

Drum-beating for War against Iran ~ link ~ When you consider the technology involved in 21st Century warfare and the high stakes in the coming Iran War, you have to be totally crazy and/or totally evil to push for war.

"American Police Force" website ~ link ~ This is the strange group in Hardin, MT.

Congressman Ron Paul - Fed audit gaining support - video ~ link

Ancient Scottish barony title for sale ~ link

General McChrystal's measure of success in Afghan War - video ~ link ~ By his own words, American policy is a failure.

If Afghanistan is its test, NATO if failing ~ link ~ You could also say that not only is the political leadership of NATO nations failing, but the masses of people are also failing as we continue to allow the evil crooks to maintain this obscene war based on the 9/11 False Flag operation. People are not demonstrating in America, in the UK, in Germany, and the other NATO nations for their troops to be brought home NOW. We, the people, are not forcing this issue and that shame is on us.

Is the six-month stock market rally about to end? ~ link ~ It really depends on how long the Fed keeps secretly propping up the market.

The Forbes 400 shows why our nation is falling apart ~ link

Rio de Janeiro wins right to host 2016 Olympics ~ link ~ link with video

Obama's Chicago Olympian gamble fails ~ link

Philippines declares a 'State of Calamity' as another super-typhoon nears ~ link ~

Thousands trapped by quake - video ~ link

Million-pound pension funds for Scottish civil servants ~ link ~ This does NOT include Scottish earls.

When we conform to the Will of God, His power is more potant than an atomic bomb ~ link

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