Thursday, October 1, 2009

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Iran/Six Powers talks end - No breakthrough - No actual deadlock - Obama makes inspection demand - with video ~ link ~ The talks are part of the strategy of keeping the 'Iranian issue/crisis' in front of the people. There is little that Iran can do besides destroy itself (on a level of Iraq) to make the hard liners happy. Now that the talks are over and no breakthrough has been made, look for Israel to strike and strike soon.

Developing its Advanced Weapons Arsenal: Israel takes delivery of two German-built U212 subs ~ link ~ link ~ update link ~ These high tech submarines are intended to fire nuclear armed cruise missiles. Other reports indicate that only one has actually been sent to Israel, with the other soon to be released. As Israel demands that the world impose sanctions on Iran for its civilian nuclear program, they continue to build out a massive nuclear force with a triad capability: sea launched nuclear weapons; IRBM and ICBM missiles with nuclear warheads (including global reach nuclear orbital bomb capability); and aircraft delivered nuclear weapons. Israel is a small nation with the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal on Earth. I support Israel's right to defend herself, but the large numbers of warheads and global reach is simply way way beyond self-defense, yet the corporate/Illumunati controlled mainstream news media gives Israel a 'free pass' on even a hint of criticism about its massive nuclear stockpile.

Iran: The War Dance ~ link

It's bomb, bomb, bomb Iran time ~ link

WMD All Over Again ~ link ~ War all over again, but this one will be MUCH WORSE.

Iran meets the Six Powers for one-day of negotiations ~ link ~ link ~

UN Inspector: NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE OF IRANIAN NUCLEAR WEAPONS ~ link ~ Don't expect a little thing like the truth to stop Israel and the various major Illumunati led nations from jumping into a war with Iran that will become a general Middle East War with weapons of mass destruction on all sides from day one, and then WWIII/Armageddon.

The Lying Game ~ link ~ Psych Ops as a tool leading to war; this time with Iran.

Former Israeli Deputy Defense Minister: Take the "Opportunity" on Iran ~ link ~ The "opportunity" he is referring to is a military attack/war. I notice a consistent thinking process involved here, both by the people involved at a high governmental level and in news reports. The process is "what we can do to Iran, end of story". There is never more than a passing thought given to what Iran can and will do in response! Why this blindness? It is leading Israel to national suicide and the world to global war!

Iran ready to purchase civilian grade enriched uranium from others ~ link ~ This would be subject to international oversight controls.

Iranian Foreign Minister visits Washington, D.C. ~ link

US story on Iran nuke facility doesn't add up ~ link ~ What we are seeing now is the eve-of-war psych ops game being played; psych ops never 'add up' using rational thought processes, psych ops are based on lies.

Tony Blair to be President of Europe within weeks if the Irish ok the Lisbon Treaty in tomorrow's referendum ~ link ~ So the Irish could wake up with a super-head of state from England if they ok the treaty!

On Friday the Irish decide Europe's Future ~ link ~ The EU is a Rothschild/Illumunati creation. It has a system of 'rule' making designed to keep the public in the dark about who is really calling the shots.

No third referendum if Irish reject Treaty ~ link

New movie about Our Lady of Fatima to be screened in major American cities ~ link

Is the VeriChip the 'Mark of the Beast'? Alex Jones - video ~ link ~ Yes it is!

Update: Congressman Ron Paul: Iran War Could Break US Dollar - audio ~ link

The Financial Crisis in Perspective - video ~ link ~ Interesting.

National contractors group calls for government help to pull US out of Depression ~ link ~ Sorry, the banks received all our money in the bailout!

General Motors to shut down Saturn - Penske ends talks on purchase ~ link ~ The economy has not even begun to get really bad yet, just wait till the war on Iran starts.

UPDATE: Squalene - a confirmed immunization-sterility vaccine for domestic animals - in the Norvatis Swine Flu "Vaccine" patent ~ link ~ Proof that at best, the so-called "vaccine" is designed to make humans sterile!

The Swine Flu Conspiracy - video ~ link ~ Good one!

Poll: Almost 2/3 of American parents will NOT vaccinate their children against A/H1N1 ~ link ~ The power of truth getting through via the Internet alternative news media.

Honduran Coup Regime Mocks UN Security Council ~ link

Venezuela give Ecuador six Mirage 50 fighters ~ link

Update: New super typhoon nears as SE Asia death toll from past super typhoon nears 400 ~ link

Samoa: Death toll now at least 150 ~ link

Sumatra Indonesia death toll 770 - with video ~ link ~ Update: Thousands most likely dead in Indonesia quake ~ link

Georgia clashes with Abkazia in border incident ~ link ~ This region is a short fuse for WWIII when the general Middle East War breaks out later this month.

More Obama Administration Witch-Hunt Targets ~ link

For G-20 Pittsburgh became a Police State ~ link ~ Americans need to seriously ask themselves why they should allow anyone in power to make America into a fascist police state.

Why was JFK murdered? ~ link ~ His murder was one of the most important single events in the 20th Century. You cannot understand what is happening now, and who is doing it, without understanding the details of Kennedy's murder and the cover-up.

US Supreme Court takes on case over 'rights' of states and cities to impose strict limits on guns ~ link ~ This is a possible back-door for the Illumunati to get at Americans right to own guns. Since the Justices are all political appointees, anything is possible.

Indiana Air Guard F-16s intercept 'unresponsive' small plane - Aircraft crashes in farm field in Randolph County, Indiana ~ link ~ The pilot is apt to have had a heart attack or something. This points out the unbelievable nature of the events of 9/11, when no fighters were supposedly able to intercept any of the hijacked airliners.

William Safire: Wars Made Out of Words ~ link ~ The negative impact of this man's life.

US Judge confirms innocent Gitmo detainee tortured by US to obtain false confessions ~ link ~ So, why are those who did the torturing and handled the paper work/etc. not on trial?

Arizona children chosen to make 4,000 handcrafted Christmas tree ornaments for the National Christmas Tree at the White House are told NO REFERENCE TO CHRISTMAS AND CHRIST may be used ~ link ~ There is always a strong anti-Christian element to religious neutrality in Washington.

US military in joint exercises with 25 African nations ~ link

It's in the newspaper, so it must be true ~ link ~ Amusing.

Germany considering increasing its troop levels in Afghan War ~ link ~ Not something that the majority of German citizens want to see, but then the Neocon/Illumunati Chancellor just 'won' re-election, so what does she care about what the people want.

China shows off military at 60th Anniversary Parade but much of Chinese military power is unknown ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link

Saudi Arabia considering purchasing advanced high tech Russian S-400 Air Defense System ~ link ~ The S-400 is the world's most advanced air defense system, however the
Russians are working on the S-500 System.

Food, Inc. - video ~ link

A collection of sites with reference to past Lord Stirling's homes ~ link ~ link ~ link

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