Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Late UpDate - News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Honduran rival presidents in talks over Zelaya's RETURN as President ~ link ~ Looks like the Brazilians are making their regional power and influence the key here.

Possible Honduras coup ending agreement ~ link

'Threat' by Serbs in Bosina alarms US and EU ~ link ~ The Serbs are just trying to protect their people and culture and religion.

Dow breaks through magic 10,000 ~ link ~ In 1930 most of the stock loss in 1929 came back, right before the bottom REALLY fell out.

Don't Trust Dow 10,000 ~ link

Obama health care/Baucus Bill would impose 23% tax increase on Middle Class ~ link ~ Maybe THIS is what Obama meant by "change".

Demands that Israel be punished for brutal Gaza War ~ link ~ The mindset that the recent Gaza War showed, on the part of many in Israel, was really sad.

Turkish TV series angers Israel ~ link ~ More blowback from the way that Israel waged war in Gaza.

Russian PM Putin warns against intimidating Iran ~ link ~ Trouble is Bibi 666 Netanyahu is NOT listing. In fact, the story is that they kicked him out of the President's office on his last 'secret' visit to Russia.

Leonardo da Vinci painting 'discovered' - Worth US$150 million ~ link ~ Wow!

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