Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Late UpDate - News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Scalar-weapon based mind control weapons system ~ link ~ Now built into TV signals.

Tony Blair should be tried for WAR CRIMES say families of UK troops killed in Iraq War ~ link ~ What a choice: War crimes trial or President of Europe.

London Guardian newspaper in bid for urgent court hearing over Parliament reporting gag ~ link ~ This raises so many issues. That of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press; also that of the old legal principle of Parliamentary Sovereignty.

Czech President Klaus will NOT sign the Lisbon Treaty ~ link ~ Give the Illumunati time; he will sign or his successor will sign.

Pakistan army at war with its own monster ~ link

Closing Gaps - In Our Knowledge ~ link ~ From Thunderbolts.

Bernanke's Bomb ~ link

Nurses to sue New York State over Mandated H1N1 "Vaccinations" ~ link ~ Since when can the state order you to put a vaccine into YOUR BODY?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - Shocking Vaccine Cover-Up ~ link ~ I like RFK, Jr., he represents the best of what his family was known for.

'Secret State' monitors protests and represses dissent ~ link ~ Fascism more and more, day by day.

What ever happened to the legal principle of Mens Rea? ~ link ~ I have wondered about that lately.

Stirling volunteer Ruth Cape helps at Bethlehem peace project ~ link ~ A Stirling, Scotland lady doing some good in the World.

A doctor who treats uninsured patients with dignity ~ link ~ I am old enough to remember when doctors (in America) did not worry about your insurance or ability to pay. They were in the healing profession. They made a good living but the emphasis was NOT on money.

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Steve said...

Awesome RFK Jr. video! Thank you so much for posting. I have forwarded it on to friends and family, as well as a writer for the Detroit News.