Wednesday, September 30, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

One possible Israeli Air Force attack scenario on Iran ~ link ~ They could also use low yield nukes on their IRBM missiles and claim the fallout is from the reactor material.

Scott Ritter: 'Politically motivated hype' on Iran ~ link

Another War in the Works by Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury) ~ link

Join Ta'anit Tzedek - Jewish Fast For Gaza ~ link ~ There are many many good people in Israel, as well as Israeli supporters around the world, who do NOT agree with the crazy Neocon/Lukid pro-war agenda. This is one such group.

Alex Jones round table discussion on US attacking Iran - video ~ link

The War on Language ~ link ~ This reminds me of the old saying, "Truth is the first causality of war".

Saudi Arabia says it did NOT offer safe flight paths for Israeli Air Force to bomb Iran ~ link ~ Maybe, maybe not, maybe the story was a plant to deepen suspicion between Iran and Saudi Arabia on the eve of war.

Iran's nuclear future ~ link ~ The other perspective.

China and American rift over Mideast could deepen ~ link

Oil and ideology keep China from joining the Iran war push - video on October 1st meeting in Switzerland between Iran and western powers ~ link ~ I believe that the Illumunati intend to create a new global war that will pit Russia and China and others vs NATO/Israel and others.

American concern over Chinese military modernization ~ link

What Obama will not say about the Afghan War ~ link

US Border: High tech tunnel detection coming ~ link

Veteran American intelligence officers write to Obama re: Accountability for Torture ~ link

What have we done to Democracy ~ link ~ We have been giving it a 'death from a thousand cuts' over the years: JFK's murder, MLK's murder, RFK's murder, PACs, Federal Reserve, computer voting, false flag operations, unnecessary wars, growing police state, unconstitutional laws and regulations, etc., etc.

Contrasting events around the late PM Yitzhak Rabin and Obama ~ link ~ I believe that the murder of Rabin was one of the greatest political wrongs of the 20th Century. It set Israel up for the pro-war governments that followed.

Gore Vidal says "We'll have a dictatorship soon in the U.S." ~ link

Male police strip woman victim who had been assaulted and sought police help - video ~ link ~ The woman and her husband are suing the police, as they should. They, and their community's citizens, should demand public criminal prosecution of the officers involved. One more example of a growing police state/fascist environment in America.

Prison - Industrial Complex takes over Montana town ~ link
~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link

Cuba and USA hold high-level diplomatic talks ~ link

Illuminati: While move may be afoot for New World Order, when is far too far? ~ link ~ To understand where the truth is and where nonsense is requires a great deal of time and study. That is what I have done over the last almost 50 years and why I have this 'ministry' of warning my readers of what is coming.

EU - Georgia started the war with Russia - Attack 'unjustifiable in law' ~ link ~ That's what I said at the time.

Gordon Brown claims underdog status ~ link ~ The British people are so totally fed up with the socialist/police state/Neocon/pro-war Labour Party of Phony-Tony Blair and Gordon Brown they will vote for anyone but Labour in the next election.

Gordon Brown and Labour Party in Third Place - UK national election must be held by June at latest ~ link

Gordon Brown loses his cool on TV ~ link

People vaccinated for seasonal flu are twice as likely to get Swine Flu ~ link

Australia begins nationwide Swine Flu "Vaccination" program to "vaccinate" about 30% of entire population ~ link ~ Since A/H1N1 (Mexican Swine Flu) is less dangerous than normal seasonal flu, WHY this massive program? If the danger is a mutation of the existing Swine Flu, the "vaccine" for the present version is apt to have little or no effect on any mutated form. So WHY this 'largest vaccine program in human history'?

New York health care workers rally for 'No Forced Vaccines' at NY state capitol - video ~ link ~ Where is the Constitutional authority for any state or federal agency to force "vaccines" on the public???

New York health care workers revolt over Swine Flu "Vaccine" ~ link

Two French Navy Rafale jet fighters lost in collision ~ link

Over 100 feared dead in American Samoa and Western Samoa from Tsunami ~ link

Philippine flood survivors crowd air centers ~ link

Thousands trapped after Indonesia earthquake ~ link

Wall Street's New Halloween Trick ~ link ~ The latest scam from the crooks on Wall Street.

Britain and England - A case of split identity ~ link ~ The Lib Dems have the only chance of keeping the United Kingdom together.

Emperor Nero's rotating dining room found by archaeologists in Rome ~ link

The Great Archangel ~ link

Holy Face Association ~ link ~ Great relaxing music.


Anonymous said...

possible link

World Health Organisation Admits No Deadly Mutation of H1N1 Swine Flu

this brief BBC video shows how a single math miscalculation by Werner Heisenberg stopped the Nazi
a-bomb program cold.


Anonymous said...

America put her seeds in Iraq, in the middle of three continents, and with the time It will contorl all of them if we do nothing.