Tuesday, September 29, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

CDC drafts 'Isolation Order' for A/H1N1 ~ link ~ With Swine Flu you have the following: Advanced Biowar Lab created virus; lots of official lying and scare tactics at all levels; lots of lies and scare tactics by the mainstream news media; the introduction of even more police state fascist laws and intimidation; soon the introduction of both wearable and sub-dermal RFID chips (the Biblical Mark of the Beast); coming martial law lock-down, significant probability of population thinning "vaccine"; cover for Israel and the Neocons when their coming war on Iran erupts into global Advanced Biowar (it's Swine Flu not the war).

The Great Culling: 1-2 Swine Flu Sucker Punch ~ link

Squalene: Be Very Afraid ~ link

WHO Admits: No deadly mutation of the Swine Flu virus ~ link ~ So why this global effort - the greatest medical program in human history - to vaccinate billions of people??? And by the way, any mutated flu may well be totally immune to the "vaccine" being given now.

If your child is not "vaccinated" for Swine Flu they could be kicked out of school in some areas - video ~ link

New York State workers fighting mandatory Swine Flu "vaccinations" ~ link ~ Since when is it the government's role, or a employer's role, to tell a free people that they 'have to' receive something in their bodies?

Mandatory flu vaccination for New York health care workers ~ link ~ One more horrific example of growing fascism in America.

Fear the "Vaccine" - Not the Swine Flu itself ~ link

MI6: Saudis will let Israel bomb Iran nuclear site ~ link ~ Thanks to a kind reader for bringing this article to my attention. When the fully fueled Iranian nuclear plant is bombed, a massive amount of radiation will be released resulting in mass deaths. Dr. Bill Deagle of NutraMedical Report estimates that over 40 million deaths will result from the bombing of the Iranian nuclear plant! Nuclear fallout will spread over a massive area of the Northern Hemisphere. The Iranians will respond as we would if someone bombed one of our nuclear plants and killed tens of millions of Americans. They will respond with a MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force attack, using their massive Advanced Biological War collection of genetically engineered war viruses. They will hit Israel, North America and Europe. The deaths will be massive in number; they will exceed the total deaths from all past wars in human history.

Bibi 666 Netanyahu's United Nations Speech - The Pathology of Evil ~ link ~ Netanyahu is a real evil nut that is leading his nation and the world into the nightmare of Armageddon.

Fox News: Bill O'Reilly - "Obama should provoke a military incident with Iran" - video ~ link ~ I would call O'Reilly as crazy SOB but he is just a hired mouthpiece of Murdock. Murdock is a Neocon Illumunati agent; one of many who are doing their 'best' to take the entire world into war. Soon, when the war destroys them as well as 2/3 of the rest of us, they will have to face their Maker. I suspect that will not be a pleasant experience, nor will their time in Hell.

Analysis: Iran Debate Pretty Much Over - Is Iran's lack of nuclear weapons really beside the point? ~ link ~ Yes.

Key facts to keep in mind while opposing war against Iran ~ link

Is Iran Nearing a Bomb? ~ link ~ I would not be surprised if Iran has purchased one to several bombs. However, the real danger to Israel and to the world from Iran is from its massive Advanced Biological Warfare program and the mainstream news media does NOT touch upon this danger as it is a good reason NOT to go to war.

Iran reveals 'secret' enrichment site as China rules out sanctions ~ link ~ You see China is not ruled by the Illumunati.

Intelligence agencies say no new nukes in Iran ~ link ~ Bibi and his fellow nuts in his war cabinet see no reason to allow the truth or reality from stopping their drive to war. That they will largely destroy Israel is also a fact that will not stop them.

Russia may balk at any tough Iranian sanctions ~ link

Iran Armed Forces Chief of Staff sees Israel as 'paper tiger' ~ link ~ Mistake - really bad mistake!

Iran defiant as it prepares for crunch nuclear talks ~ link ~ They know that war is coming no matter what.

Iran opens ammunition production lines ~ link

Admadinejad meets with Pakistan President Zardari ~ link

France 'deeply concerned' over Iranian missile tests ~ link ~ Only because the President of France is more concerned with serving his true masters, the Illumunati and Israel, than he is about France.

Nuclear Debates Grows: Is Iran designing warheads ~ link ~ This 'debate' is really primarily pre-war psych ops. And we are hearing more and more as the time to begin the war nears.

Israeli settlers chainsaw-down Nablus olive grove trees on eve of harvest ~ link ~ It is crap like this that keeps the Middle East in a cycle of hate.

Congressman Ron Paul on the Iranian nuclear program - video ~ link ~ Excellent!

Prime Minister of Turkey: A military strike against Iran would be "madness" ~ link ~ I have been saying this for a long time now.

Iran is Still Not the Problem ~ link

The Great Archangel ~ link

Philippines death toll now 246 - Two new storms brewing ~ link ~ See also photos ~ link

'Great Recession' transforms the workplace ~ link ~ You can thank the global banking families, the Illumunati, and their bought-and-paid-for politicians for this deliberate economic nightmare.

Can you really extend your lifespan with this antioxidant? ~ link

The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons by Queen Noor of Jordan ~ link ~ Her Majesty is a fine lady, but I fear that October may see the first use of nuclear weapons in war since 1945.

Fear of blame for defeat shadow Afghan War meetings ~ link ~ All I can say is: End the War NOW!

Obama 'at war' with his general in charge of Afghan War ~ link ~ The only way to really win the Afghan War is to kill most of the Afghan men and the American and world public will never allow that.

Afghan Collision Course between USA/NATO and Japan ~ link

Qaddafi, Havez and 28 other leaders from Africa and South America call for joint military/banking/mining efforts ~ link

Georgia negotiating with USA to take in Guantanamo prisoners ~ link ~ This really shows what Neocon puppets are running things in Georgia. The Afghan War was started on the False Flag lie over 9/11. Many of the poor SOBs in Guantanamo were 'sold' by tribal enemies/etc. to American forces hell-bent on "getting" some of 'the people that caused 9/11'.

Medvedev: Russia wants good relations with Georgia only without Saakashvilli ~ link

Medvedev jumps the gun on Iran - White House strategy of playing to Medvedev ~ link ~ Won't work, Putin is still 'the man'.

EU Report: Georgia started the 2008 war with Russia ~ link ~ What else is new.

The Coming Russia - Georgia Clash Over Abkhazia ~ link ~ This area is a short fuse for WWIII.

Russian patrol boats expected in Abkhazia in Novermber ~ link

Russia to help Abkhazia with telecommunications and postal services ~ link

Andorra's model: Time for change ~ link

Red, White and Blue Storm Rising ~ link ~ Good article!

Attorney: Oklahoma City bombing tapes missing key portions ~ link ~ Most 'terrorists attacks' are false flag operations involving one or more intelligence agencies from one or more nations.

The Real Reasons Behind Fed Secrecy by Congressman Ron Paul ~ link ~ I wish most congressmen and senators had even half the courage and pro-America attitudes of Dr. Paul.

We're Number 37 (USA's ranking of health care among the nations of the world) - music video ~ link
~ Also see: Sixteen people arrested at Aetna for demanding health care ~ link ~ America ranks 37th in the World in the quality of its health care. This is reflective of the criminal element that has been in control of America for a long time. The first wave of criminal control began in the early 20th Century with the passing of the Federal Reserve System act; the second wave began with the killing of President Kennedy in broad daylight - one of several murders and attempted murders in the last half of the 20th Century. The criminal trash are running things and they are running them into the ground.

Panama to host two US Navy bases ~ link

Former high FBI agent says 9/11 was an inside job - Links CIA to many False Flag operations - video ~ link

Allegory Of The Cave: Meet your puppet-handlers ~ link

Labour Party falls to Third Place in Polls ~ link ~ If the election were held today the Liberal Democrats would become the Official Opposition Party and Labour would be a 'third party'. Too bad, they have earned it.

Gordon Brown makes crucial speech to Labour Party Conference ~ link

Using a 'gravity trick' to speed up trips to Mars and other planets ~ link

High-Fructose raises blood pressure in middle-aged men ~ link ~ The modern corporate driven diet is killing us.

Gold hoard pictures from the recent Anglo-Saxon treasure find in England ~ link

Hitachi develops new RFID chip with embedded antenna - with photos ~ link ~ RFID chips, both those used in products and in human beings and animals, are one of the keys to the planned satanic high tech police state/New World Order that the Illumunati/global banking families have dreamed up for the human race.

Key to subliminal messaging is to use negative messages ~ link

Egyptian coins found bearing name of Biblical Patriarch Joseph ~ link


David said...

This war isn't going to happen anytime soon. Iran will drag these talks out for months and america will let them. Israel will not strike because they can't do this with out american help. If this war does go down it won't be till april or may of next year at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

Check this out ... Hardin, Montana and American Police Group. Google this stuff, watch some Youtubes, go to americanpolicegroup.com - this is freaky stuff! What's going on? I can't reach the city council members to question them.abyqqjc