Sunday, September 27, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Brazil will not comply with Honduran ultimatum ~ link ~ This issue does not seem like it is going away.

Philippines battles massive flooding - with video ~ link ~ I have spoken with a good friend in greater Manila, the event is horrific.

At least 106 dead or missing from Tropical Storm Ketsana in the Philippines ~ link

Israel's Nuclear Weapons ~ link ~ Also see: Vanuna's Photos of Dimona from 1985 ~ link

Iran in test firing of missiles ~ link ~ You can always count on Admadinejad to pore gasoline on a fire. Also see ~ link

Iran: Will test fire Shahab 3 missile that can hit Israel ~ link

Iran test fires short-range missiles - The Fateh-110, Tondar-69, and Zelzal short-range surface-to-surface missiles - Will also fire the medium-range Shahab-1 and Shahab-2 missiles and the "long-range" (actually barely a IRBM) Shahab-3 missile ~ link ~ The Iranians are warning the World.

Iran stages missile war games ~ link

Israel Foreign Minister: Israel wants an 'unequivocal' response to Iran ~ link ~ What his insane Cabinet wants is yet another war in the Middle East, only this time it will involve massive amounts of Weapons of Mass Destruction on all sides, with nuclear fallout and advanced biowar viruses spreading across the entire World.

Miliband will not rule out war on Iran ~ link ~ This Zionist agent-in-place is NOT doing what is in the interest of the United Kingdom! Of course, I would argue that he and his fellow Neocons are also not doing what is in the interests of Israel, but they are too blind to even see that.

Bibi 666 Netanyahu has spoken to top US Senators and Congressmen this weekend on Iran ~ link ~ Getting his "ducks all in a row" for the coming war. This war will destroy what is left of the global economy, it will cause the most massive deaths in the Middle East on all sides, it will spread nuclear fallout and advanced biowar viruses all over the globe, it will become World War III and Armageddon.

Netanyahu to American 'leaders': Now is the time to act against Iran ~ link ~ The psych ops are being played out like musicians play a piece that builds to a crescendo. The most horrific war in human history is coming and coming fast. Are you ready for it? First and foremost, get right with God!

US Secretary of Defense Gates: Iranians "have the intention of having nuclear weapons" ~ link ~ The Neocon war-hawk was appointed by Bush and continues to 'serve' under Obama. He is one of the Illumunati front men taking the world into the unspeakable horrors of global 21st Century war.

New Iranian uranium plant at center of crisis will NOT EVEN BE OPERATIONAL FOR TWO YEARS ~ Will be placed under IAEA supervision ~ link ~ That did not deter the three stooges (the Presidents of USA/France and the British Prime Minister) from going ballistic over it. Just corrupt puppets dancing for their masters and setting the world up for unspeakable horrors and disasters.

Black Sea Crisis Deepens As Threat To Iran Grows ~ link ~ Georgia is one of the keys to making the coming General Middle East War grow quickly into WWIII/Armageddon. This is not an accident, it is planned, all war gamed out by Illumunati brain trusts in their End Game drive for a satanic New World Order. Of course, satan knows that he will lose again but he is the great deceiver and his people are the most deceived of all.

Russia: Iran's enigmatic ally and key crisis player ~ link

Turkish Prime Minister to visit Iran - Warns that any military attack on Iran would be an act of "insanity" ~ link ~ That is what I have been saying for some time now.

China 'may' support United Nations Iranian sanctions ~ link ~ Meeting this week will be key. If China supports sanctions, then what will Israel use as an excuse to begin the war? They will come up with something, count on it.

Evidence of economic collapse martial law preparations - video ~ link

American credit shrinks at GREAT DEPRESSION RATE ~ Fears of a 'Double-Dip' ~ link ~ The global banking families/Illumunati always use the cutting-back of credit as the means to cause a recession/depression. This is history! That credit is still falling strongly indicates that the current depression has not hit bottom. Of course, when the new global war hits soon, 'all bets are off' as to just how terrible the global economy will get.

35 Million Americas now on Food Stamps - 12% of American population - Highest ever ~ link ~ This is what happens when the population is dumbed down, feed crap by the Illumunati controlled news media, and too gutless to put a stop the what the Illumunati satanic trash is doing to them.

Where did the H1N1 Late-2009 Flu Season Virus Come From? ~ link ~ My educated guess: This is a recombination genetically engineered virus that was created to fill a need discovered in war gaming out the coming Middle East War. This "Swine Flu pandemic" will be the cover to protect Israel and the Neocons when the war results in massive deaths from Iranian advanced biowar viruses, so they will not be blamed for starting the war that caused the biological nightmare ("Swine Flu did it" not anything from the war on Iran). It will also serve to introduce martial law, police state lock-downs, and the RFID chip (see Mark of the Beast in the Bible). The so-called "virus" may also be used for further population reduction, especially in targeted ethnic/national groups.

Most American parents will NOT have children "vaccinated" for Swine Flu ~ link ~ This is a really good sign. It shows that the public is beginning to show some sense and not believe the government or Illumunati controlled mainstream news media.

A Glimpse into the Scary World of Vaccine Adjuvants ~ link

The Israeli Connection to the Honduran Coup ~ link ~ Israel continues to show a lack of good sense in dealing with the rest of the world.

Obama Administration reaffirms 'Power of Indefinite Detention' ~ link ~ This is pure bullshit, there is NO SUCH POWER GIVEN TO THE PRESIDENT BY THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION. They also claim to be able to strip Americans of their citizenship and arrest them and subject them to this 'power of indefinite detention' without recourse to the Courts or the rights under the US Constitution. Pure fascism!

Obama at the Precipice over Afghan War ~ link ~ A war founded on lies (9/11 False Flag operation) that the American people have long wanted (and voted) to end. He can't get out because he is simply a front man for the real hidden rulers, the Illumunati global banking families, and they want war and more war because they serve satan and that pathetic looser wants blood orgies and the horrors of Hell upon this Earth.

Plan to boost US troops in Afghanistan splits Obama Advisers ~ link

Germans voting in national election ~ link ~ link ~

Did Hitler really die in his bunker? Fresh DNA tests on "his skull" shows it belongs to a woman ~ link ~ Hitler was an illegitimate Rothschild and was bankrolled by them in his rise to power. Some claim that he and his wife were flown out by the Illumunati for service well done. Who knows. Reality in the world of political and economic power is not what most people are led to believe.

Gordon Brown faces gloomy Labour Party Conference as coming national election looms in 2010 ~ link

After Chechuya is new Caucasus war looming? ~ link

New Japanese Government launches probe into four secret packs with America ~ link ~ Japan wants no part in the coming Third World War.

Japan abandons America ~ link

Satan's Network ~ link

Exhausted - How to get 'willpower' back ~ link

Ten lies that lead to divorce ~ link

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Anonymous said...

a link you might like:
Dr. Deagle says a US Navy ship put to sea, the crew given H1N1 vaccine, & they all got very sick.

(my speculation--they were given the vaccine at sea, because it was a medical EXPERIMENT on them.)

I would like to add this...with G20 touted as an informal world government in 'solving the financial crisis', we can now see a definite straight line...from 9-11 to patriot act, housing bubble & banking bust, Obama selected as an ideal person by mixed heritage for role of global leader, to upcoming maximum crisis by Iran attack and (possible) H1N1 pandemic. It all leads to G20 moving to an increasingly formal governing body, the US legal framework is bypassed & negated. This is the end game of what started on 9-11. The main point is: Iran is a key step to get to this goal, so an attack is a virtual certainty.

just a comment.