Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend - Collection of Interesting Sites

It's the weekend and I sometimes like to have a special posting of some interesting sites that I have come across.

New York historical architecture images ~ link

Road Kill Detective - video ~ link

Crazy Weird Lazer - video ~ link

The highest bridge in the world - photos ~ link

Food & Water Watch ~ link

Homemade vanilla marshmallows ~ link

Thunderbolts - Exploring the Electric Universe ~ link

Holy Face Association - Holy Shroud of Turin - with Georgian Chant music ~ link

100 Firefox Add-Ons to Create a Truly Brilliant Browser ~ link

Amphibious Icon A5 Light Sport Aircraft with video ~ link

Russian Flying Fortresses ~ link

30+ Breathtaking Landscape Wallpapers ~ link

Petra: A City Carved In Stone - photos ~ link video ~ link

Bora-Bora: Over and Under - photos ~ link

The Lord's Prayer - short movie ~ link

In God We Trust - short movie ~ link ~ highband link

Photo Essay: The Most Alien Landscapes on Earth ~ link

Beluga whale saves drowning diver as she sank, paralyzed by cramp ~ link

Northern Brewer - Homebrew Supply ~ link

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TwistedSifter said...

Cheers for the link to my article! Some great articles on here. Not only did I find a new desktop background, but I found some new travel destinations (Bora Bora and Petra) :D