Monday, August 31, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Insider trading and investor sentiment signaling US stock market top ~ link ~ What happens when people wake up to the fact that the so-called recovery is not going to happen?

Adjuvants will NOT be included in Swine Flu "Vaccine" TRIALS - but later WILL BE included in the REGULAR "VACCINES" ~ link ~ It figures.

Dangers of vaccines - various links with video ~ link ~ link ~ I don't totally agree with some of this but there is a lot of truth here.

Scottish title for sale, Baron of Greenan in the Ancient Baronage of the Isles ~ link

9/11 Pentagon False Flag - video ~ link ~ A very good new video on what really happened at the Pentagon on 9/11.

Russia to protect ships bound for Abkhazia ~ link ~ This region is the key to getting Russia involved in the coming global Third World War.

'Arctic Sea' was carrying illegal arms ~ link ~ I doubt if the public will ever really know the full truth about this ship and the events surrounding its hijacking and rescue.

Gordon Brown in Afghanistan ~ link ~ His 'plan' to speed NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan is just so much bullshit. NATO and allied forces continue to die in that crappy nation, as do many civilians. Anyone with half a brain knows that 9/11 was a false flag operation, so WHY ARE WE STILL THERE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS?

Career politicians take over UK House of Commons ~ link ~ I have long maintained that the old class warfare model was totally outdated in the UK. That what we really have is a political class vs. the rest of us.

Yukio Hatoyama - New Prime Minister of Japan wants 'People Not Concrete' as focus of economic plan ~ link ~ This will be interesting. He is actually pushing a economic plan that focuses on the people and not the big corporations. If only the West would have something like this in reality instead of just 'hot air'.

Hatoyama wants to end long-running island spat with Russia ~ link ~ He may also be looking to 'opt-out' of the coming global war.

Hatoyama victory could force US rethink in Pacific ~ link ~ The instability of the global economy has political repercussions and these are not always predictable.

Cybersecurity Act of 2009 - President can take over the Internet - video ~ link ~ Shelly Roche is my kind of woman, smart, moral and beautiful!

Sun's 51 days without a Sunspot is among five longest in last century ~ link
Israel has Iran in its sights ~ link ~ Bibi 666 Netanyahu intends to start a war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine very soon. My guess is mid to late September (perhaps a bit later but I doubt it).

Rep. Barney Frank eyes Federal Reserve System audit ~ link ~ Beware of what this sick Illuminati puppet is up to. Now that a majority of Congressmen have signed on to Ron Paul's bill to audit the Fed he intends to 'take over' the process and spin the bill to protect the private (global banking families) owners of the Fed.

Economic Breakdowns Cause Social Breakdowns ~ link ~ The Illuminati are about to hit us with a super-combination of: (1) Total economic collapse; (2) A "Swine Flu" emergency with RFID chips and martial law; (3) World War III with global destruction. They intend to 'stay on top' of any and all social unrests and turn any such problems to their favor.

Smoking Mirrors: A Fly on the Wall of a Cosmic Nightmare's End ~ link


vijayanand said...

Baghdad city witnessed a series of bomb blasts causing a death toll of At least 97 and injuring more than 580. Death toll may further rise as still there are people caught within the crumbling masses. It is said that at least six bombs detonated in close proximity to government ministries. Eye witnesses reveal that finance and foreign ministries were the areas mainly targeted. Trucks carrying explosives were the main causative agent of the explosions. One explosion caused the breakage of windows in Iraq’s parliament building in the Green Zone government and diplomatic complex which is under the cover of tight security. A ministry employee girl who was lucky to survive was appalled by the incident. She told press that she saw the corpse of security guards, journalists etc. It is noteworthy that these gruesome chains of blasts have took place few months before the national elections which were slated to take place in January. Baghdad’s security spokesman while addressing the journalists said that another attempt prospective explosion using bomb planted in a car was thwarted by security forces and two Al-Qaeda members were detained

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I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!