Friday, August 28, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

FOX News Poll: Majority think that the Swine Flu "Vaccine" will be DEADLIER than the virus ~ link ~ Well that is good news. When even the Neocon FOX News does a poll and gets these results, it shows that the Internet based news media is making some real progress at alerting the public.

Russia contains the A/H1N1 Swine Flu virus as it continues to spread globally ~ link ~ China and Russia instituted strict quarantine controls when the Mexican Swine Flu began; the rest of the world did not and followed WHO dictates. Now WHO and the bought-and-paid-for Illuminati political puppets in most of the world are telling us that we have to take this new untested "vaccine" just as soon as they can get it to us, no questions asked. Use your brain and don't fall for it.

Rockefeller bill would give Obama emergency control over the Internet ~ link ~ This is the Illuminati answer to freedom and truth - take it away!

Whirlpool to close Evansville manufacturing plant ~ link ~ Also see: Shock, sadness among Whirlpool workers - with video ~ link ~ This plant is an institution in my home town of Evansville. I worked there several times in my undergrad days. My late father-in-law and an uncle of mine worked there, as well as one of my dad's best friends. One of my oldest friends' father was Vice-President of Whirlpool; when I called him this morning to tell him the news, he said his dad must be spinning in his grave. They once had four plants in Evansville employing up to maybe 7,000 or so workers. Much of the work had been shipped overseas and they were down to a little over 1,000 workers. Now all are out on the street. 'Funny' thing is, Whirlpool just begun a big marketing effort to emphasize that most of its products are 'made in the USA'. All of this is an example of two main things: First, how much hurt the global banking families are causing people all over America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc., with the new Great Depression 2.0 that they have deliberately created. Secondly, the gutting of America's manufacturing base, that so very many corporate leaders and politicians have allowed to happen and in many cases have actively supported, is nothing but economic treason.

Congressman Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell discuss Obamacare, Swine Flu, and Big Government - video ~ link

General Lord Guthrie blasts UK political leadership over Afghan War ~ link ~ I agree with Lord Guthrie.

The Militarization of Latin America ~ link ~ When the coming new global war begins the US Administration intends to take out Chavez in Venezuela using the US bases in Columbia. Also see: US invests $10 billion to 'fight leftists' in Columbia - video ~ link

Bailed out financial firms 'donated' over $6 million to Members of Congress since November 2008 ~ link ~ What a deal! Get billions and throw the crooks in Congress a few million.

Statins Cause Serious Structural Muscle Damage ~ link ~ Big Pharma doesn't care, they are very profitable.

The Pharmaceutical Racket ~ link ~ Old man Rockefeller set up the modern American pharmaceutical industry, his father had been a snake oil salesman.

Study says world's stocks controlled by select few ~ link

Russia and Ukraine in Intensifying Standoff ~ link ~ Also see: Ukraine's opposition leader expects win in presidential contest in January ~ link ~ The issue here is pro-Neocon or pro-Russia. The pro-Neocon forces are spent and about to be replaced by pro-Russian leaders.

US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff: We'll always stand by Israel's side ~ link ~ When Israel launches the war against Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine this Fall (mid to late September or early October) the Iranians will hit North America, Israel, and the EU with a massive number of Advanced Biological Warfare viruses. Our people will die by the hundreds of millions, now Admiral Mullen please tell us WHY we should sign on for this unnecessary war?????????

US Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke in "angry Karzai talks" ~ link ~ What most people don't know is that Holbrooke is related to the Rothschilds and is from a extreme pro-Zionist family.

Bibi 666 Natanyahu calls for 'crippling' sanctions against Iran ~ link ~ If anybody would call for crippling sanctions against Israel for their many misdeeds they would be labeled antisemitic. Bibi is going to get his war soon and that will bring the world to the Third World War, which is what the Illuminati want and what satan wants - the largest blood orgy in human history.

Independent investigation into Pentagon 9/11 attack yields alarming information ~ link ~ This report ties up a lot of loose ends.

Update: US Government's usage of atomic bombs (micronukes) - domestic - WTC ~ link ~ This article covers the strange fact that the two 110 stories main World Trade Center towers and the smaller 54 story tower that all collapsed on 9/11 left very short piles of rubble and in fact there are pits at the site. Wither it was micronukes or some other scalar technology at play here, there was simply not enough material piled up to include two 110 stories of concrete, desks, chairs, computers, file cabinets, tables, restrooms, etc., etc.

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