Friday, July 31, 2009

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Did Christ actually reveal the name of the 'Antichrist' - Barack Obama ~ link ~ There have been many who have claimed various world leaders as the actual Antichrist. What most forget is that the actual 'Antichrist' has to be a Israeli leader, a warlike Israeli leader who begins the Final War. Since Obama is not an Israeli leader he cannot be "The Antichrist". He might, however, be the False Prophet, named in the Bible in connection with the Antichrist. I often refer to Bibi Netanyahu as 666. This is not just me being a wise ass. IF dear old Bibi, already up to his eyeballs in the NeoCon false flag strategy/operations, begins a war on Iran that turns into World War III, he could well go down in history as the actual Biblical 'Antichrist'. So much has been hyped about the Antichrist, especially by Hollywood, that most people have no real concept of the meaning of the term. The real 'Antichrist' is an Israeli leader who begins a war that will kill 2/3 of the human race and that only with the return of Jesus Christ Himself will the remainder of the human population be spared. We are living in the first time in human history where this level of destruction/deaths can actually happen. The Bible says one-third will die of plague - which to me sounds like the modern day recombination DNA Advanced Biological Warfare (including the man-created A/H1N1 and the so-called 'vaccine' for same). The Bible also says another one-third of the human race will die of 'wormwood', that the "waters will turn bitter". We now know what this "wormwood" and waters turning bitter means. It refers to a village in the Ukraine where there was a nuclear reactor meltdown, that village is named Chernobyl. The word Chernobyl translates into "wormwood" and "bitterwood". This means that one-third of the world will die from a nuclear/radiological war, that the waters of the earth will themselves be radiologically contaminated.

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Anonymous said...

Not likely. An Israeli leader will not likely force the world to take his number and control world government. It's is not likely that the object of Satan's personal genocide plans for millenia will rise to control the world, with that world adoring and worshipping him. Replacement theology bias against Jews? I know you get excited about the "no regard for the faith of his fathers" verse, but absolutely none of the rest of the prophecies apply. Explain to yourself why that verse cannot apply to the muslim faith? You can't. Your statement is an emotionally based belief.
Although, the antichrist could in fact be Jewish. Please change your focus. Also, we don't even really know who Obama's parents are, he may be part Jewish - there you go, actually, there is a group of Jews in the Sinai that claim relation.
You do a fabulous job of finding news and I very much appreciate your commentary, but in this "Bibi666" stuff, you really taint your otherwise excellent site. I know you will not post this, I just wrote it to you, just to communicate.
Ah well, we will soon experience the parousia and it will not matter.
Have an excellent day sir:)

Steve Burkhart Sr.
Leslie, Michigan