Tuesday, July 28, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Federal Reserve System Chairman Ben Bernanke: This may be worst than the Great Depression ~ link ~ He should know, the Fed created this new Great Depression 2.0 just like it created the 1930s one.

Gordon Brown rewrites history (WWI) ~ link ~ The writer's comments about the horrific and evil nature of the First World War are right on the button. WWI was set up by the global banking families who made vast sums of profit from all sides in the orgy of mass murder called WWI and used the events to reshape the world to set up even more blood orgies for later years. These same people's descendants are in power and doing the same thing today, only with far greater and more horrific technologies of mass murder involved.

Obama places Monsanto lobbyist in charge of food safety ~ link ~ Obama places fox in charge of hen house security. Maybe this is what he meant by 'CHANGE'.

Foreign journalists receive rare tour of China's People's Liberation Army ~ link

Fear that Swine Flu (A/H1N1) can infect the brains of unborn babies ~

12,000 US children to be swine flu vaccine guinea pigs ~ link

The real US unemployment rate at 68-year high - Worst since the end of the Great Depression ~ link ~ While the sheeple watch 'reality television' their real world is being destroyed.

Afghanistan: Training Ground for War on Russia - NATO Trains Finland and Sweden for conflict with Russia ~ link ~ Swedish troops in combat for the first time in almost 200 years. As the sheeple sleep, their 'leaders' drag them ever closer to total global war.

Touched by Padre Pio's guardian angels ~ link

Hawaii: Obama born in Hawaii ~ link

VP Joe Biden's comments hits a nerve in Russia ~ link ~ Before we let these clowns drag the world into a war with Russia (with its tens of thousands of nuclear weapons) maybe we should ask WHY?

Pakistan vs. India - In humor, truth - video ~ link

Do drug companies secretly favor a world flu pandemic? ~ link ~ Do bears shit in the woods?

Congressman John Conyers says 'no point in congressmen reading proposed health care bill' - It's 1,000 pages long and they would need two lawyers and a couple of days to understand it ~ link ~ My oh my, what can you hide in legal bs that is 1,000 pages long?!! When any congress, parliament or other legislative body passes such a bill they should be voted out of office. Laws should be clear and understandable by a person of average intelligence. Also see: You're (Probably) a Federal Criminal ~ link ~ Federal criminal laws are now written so complex and all encompassing that most of us are felons in our own land without any real criminal acts or any intent.

Ancient Barony of Greenan for sale at GBP 50,000 ~ link

Israel's menacing rhetoric toward Lebanon and threats toward Iran are intrinsically linked ~ link ~ I have said before (please see archives) that war on Iran means war on Lebanon and war on Syria and war on Palestine.

Bibi 666 Netanyahu: Israel wants 'understanding' with USA ~ link ~ An understanding like in they 'will make us an offer that we cannot refuse'. War is coming and soon.

US Secretary of Defense Gates (SecDef to both Bush and Obama): Iran is a threat to Israel and America ~ link ~ His 'threat' is based on the supposed Iranian nuclear weapons program. No official sources go into any detail concerning the MAD counter-force that Iran has with Israel, America, NATO and EU based on their Advanced Biological warfare program.

Israel - Anything it takes to stop Iranian nukes ~ link ~ The world is slipping into total evil and madness as we plunge headfirst into the Third World War/Armageddon.

Burak warns Iran over Israeli strike on nuclear facilities ~ link ~ The strike alone, even without the Isreali use of nukes, would release a cloud of radiation that would kill one to several millions of human beings.

How Constant War Became the American Way of Life ~ link ~ War is a three letter word that is opposite of another three letter word 'God'.

British voters turn against Afghanistan War ~ link ~ 20 Brits killed in the last month in a unnecessary war based on lies.

Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin reveals existence of Monolith on Mars Moon - video ~ link ~ If this is real, I would say he was 'talking outside of class' and disclosing information that he is not suppose to.

Massive FEMA/DHS Terrorism Simulation - Is up and running for 5 days - No mainstream news media coverage ~ link ~ Interesting, very interesting.

Martial Law and the Militarization of Public Health: The Worldwide H1N1 Flu Vaccination Program ~ link ~ Very good article with lots of interrelated stuff like war and economic crisis mixed in.

US Bailout could be as high as $23.7 TRILLION (or even higher) ~ link ~ This is a 'stealing orgy' for the Illuminati (the greatest one in history) - they are the thieves and we are the victims.

Obscene health care costs has Americans going to India for surgery ~ link ~ America has the world's most expensive health care system but it ranks way down the list in terms of quality.

Archbishop of Canterbury warns about ordination of gay clergy ~ link ~ The Christian teachings on homosexual sex are clearly opposed to it. Having officially gay clergy (unlike the large number of secret gay Catholic priests, monks, and nuns) presents serious problems with sticking to the Bible regarding sex.

Lucifer's Playground - The Illuminati New World Order gay agenda test zone that is Denmark ~ link

Profiles in Illuminati mind-slaves II ~ link

Sinister Sites - British National Memorial and Arboretum ~ link ~ Illuminati architecture hidden in plain sight. Most people never stop to think what the architecture means in symbolism.

Conditioning by Music ~ link ~ Illuminati/Luciferian music. Most people don't think of the hidden messages in things like music and the culture that is created by 'popular' singers/actors/etc. The Illuminati treat the public like mushrooms - kept in the dark and fed crap.

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