Sunday, July 26, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

USA escalates War Plans In Latin America ~ link

Fasting to Protest Israel's Blockade of Gaza ~ link ~ The Blockade is morally wrong; it is also really stupid strategy/grand strategy.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity ~ link

Global Warming or Global Cooling? ~ link ~ Our savior Al Gore will save us either way NOT.

The Big New Jersey Bust: What they are not telling us ~ link

Looking at the Swine Flu vaccine with a skeptical eye ~ link

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Anonymous said...

911 call...
You know, I agree with you, although I didn't at first. My first response was, "Well, we don't really know what happened." Unless something blatantly criminal happened on Gates' part, the police should have just left after I.D> confirmation, even if Gates ripped them a new one.