Friday, July 24, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Ousted President of Honduras returns to his nation ~ link

CDC: All American children should get seasonal flu shot ~ link ~ Before you allow your children or yourself to be vaccinated, ask yourself, "do you really trust your government with your very life or the life of your child". I strongly oppose these vaccines because: (1)They are mostly untested; (2)The manufactures have total immunity from lawsuits; (3)Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) is clearly a man-created recombination DNA genetically engineered virus and the governments of the world have NOT acknowledged this (if they cannot be truthful about this what makes you think that they can be trusted on the vaccine); (4)The Illuminati, who have such a horrific history of causing massive deaths, are now in their End Game to establish a New World Order and it is highly likely that this virus and 'vaccine' fit into a population reduction scheme.

Catherine Austin Fitt - Swine Flu: What I Believe ~ link

Silver & Swine Flu - What Is The Truth? - You Decide ~ link

Swine Flu, the CIA and Fidel Castro ~ link ~ Story about the spread of an old form of Swine Flu in Cuba by the CIA.

Return of the Wall Street 'gravy train' sparks concern ~ link ~ So who is going to stop this, Obama or Congress? Obama and Congress are 'bought and paid for', they have sold their souls and America for wealth and power.

Beyond the rainbow bridge - Near Death and God's little creatures ~ link ~ Interesting article on what happens to our pets when they die.

Deposed Honduran President prepares risky return ~ link

Obama appoints person, who may be responsible for more food related deaths in history, as US food czar ~ link

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Anonymous said...

With regards to your recent links on the H1N1 swine flu vaccines to be given out forcefully in the USA and other police states across the globe; i would like to know what you would do in the advent that a 'knock comes at the door' will you refuse the vaccine and inform the authrities that they can go fish! i hope you do for all our sakes there is nothing worse than a man who is rightious and knowing but lacks the final commitment to accomplish and define his personalitly in his actions. I hope everyone declines the vaccine and others like it. However I would like to put this question to you; what would you do if someones pointing a gun to your head? accept it or point one back?