Tuesday, June 23, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Barony of Greenan in Scotland price lowered to 100,000 UK Pounds ~ link ~ This is a several hundred year old Scottish noble title for sale. One of only a handful or so of real British titles that can be legally purchased and have been offered for sale this century.

North Korean crisis talks held by USA and China ~ link

US District Court judge orders Guantanamo prisoner freed ~ link

Israel to build 300 new homes in occupied West Bank ~ link ~ Another case of Israel telling America and the world to go to Hell. The Grand Strategy of continued expansion by Israel continues. The trouble for Israel is that this is an increasingly high risk grand strategy with time and technology as two important aspects of the risk. See also: Bibi 666 Netanyahu says debate over settlements is just a waste of time ~ link

Gordon Brown: In the future MPs who brake the rules will face the police ~ link

US has world's biggest oil reserves ~ link

North Korean ship, the Kang Nam I - Testing the UN sanctions ~ link

Computerized election fraud ~ link ~ America has had over a decade of mass election fraud based on computerized voting and computerized vote counting. So where do we get off criticizing Iran. (This is an older video but a good one.)

Coming to America: Pickup trucks from India ~ link

The 50 Worst Cars of All Time ~ link ~ I actually had one of these, #19 the AMC Gremlin. Mine was green and I called it "The Green Goose".

The Chickenhawks Are Back ~ link ~ This refers to the 'great pro-war leaders' who have never served in war but want to send your kids into the nightmare of yet another war.

No Matter Who Is President of Iran, They Would Stone Me ~ link ~ As I have said many times, I have no respect for the nuts who run Iran. This article is a good example of why I feel this way.

Obama's latest surrender to Wall Street ~ link ~ Good article, I especially liked the comment about Larry Summers.

United Kingdom evacuating families of its Embassy staff in Iran ~ link ~ Is this about the demonstrations or the coming war?!!

Iran begins three-day air war games in Gulf and Sea of Oman ~ link ~ Getting ready for the big one.

China cautions USA over Iran ~ link ~ The closing of the Gulf would cripple the Chinese economy to such an extent that those in power might lose control. 'They' take this very seriously and it brings China into the WWIII mix. This is a good article to read.

The waning power of truth - by Paul Craig Roberts ~ link ~ Another good article by Roberts. The truth is very dangerous to those scum in power and they will do whatever they can to eliminate it.

Iranian Unrest: Evidence of Western Intelligence Meddling ~ link

Man destroys his re-possessed home after bank seized it ~ link

Exiled son of the late Shah of Iran, Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, warns of nuclear war ~ link


Get Renewal said...

I am just curious, as you seem to come from a Christian point of view for the most part, why you are so anti-Israel? Are you aware that God has given that land to the Jewish people, and that He said those who curse them will be cursed, and those that bless them will be blessed? And, that as Christians, we are to pray for, and support the will of God, and His provision that the land that is in question belongs, absolutely, to Israel per God's command? I just don't understand those, as yourself, who are so in touch with the "end times" scenarios, but do not support God's chosen people, as we are commanded?

I am curious to hear your response.

Lord Stirling said...

First off I reject your comment that I am anti-Israel. What I am is anti-stupidity and anti-evil. The Israeli Grand Strategy is just plain dumb. It poses grave risks to Israel and to the World at large. That the current Prime Minister continues with such a dangerous Grand Strategy is so strategically foolish, that you cannot help but think that the real reason is based in evil not on rational strategic thought.

Also, you need to know that up to 95% of Israeli Jewish citizens are not "Middle Eastern Jews" but are "European Jews" with a lineage different from the Jews of the Old Testament (so your statement about chosen people/etc.does not make much theological sense).

Additionally, Jesus Christ made a New Testament at the Last Supper that replaced the old one.


Get Renewal said...

Thank you for the response. I was not trying to offend you, just interested in where you were coming from. It seems you are from a completely different understanding of scripture, and world view than I.

I believe that Israel's stance, Netanyahu specifically, is completely in the right, as any normal country would assume they have the right to exist, and to not have to put up with what this evil world is trying to hand them. Their "grand strategy" is perfectly in line with God's plan of Israel being His promised land. Bibi has offered up THE most logical, sane, solutions for peace with the Palestinians (who have absolutely NO right to Israel whatsoever), and is the only world leader to have any sense about the fact that Iran needs to be stopped, and stopped quickly, otherwise, it is very clear their intentions). Behind the scenes, every other country is hoping Israel takes the initiative and puts a halt to it. Praying for Bibi....

It also seems as though your issue is being dependent on the "residents" of Israel, instead of the land itself, and Jewish people specifically. Yes, there are many people with many backgrounds living there, however, the "promised land", of which Israel occupies just a fraction of what was given to them by God, is what the focal point is (along with the fact that the world wants to carve up God's Holy City, Jerusalem).

You are correct that Christ is the New Covenant, however, the church did not replace the Jews as God's people. Very shortly, God will turn His attention back to Israel, who will in turn prevail against the TRUE evil....Satan, his Islam, and the conglomerate of Arab nations who seek to destroy His people...just as prophesied in the Old Testament.



P.S. I enjoy your blog...if there was no disagreement on anything, how boring that would be!