Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UK Parliament Scandal, Mexican Swine Flu, Great Depression 2.0, News, Links of the Day

Obama's pragmatism will backfire ~ link

Secret meeting of the world's richest people held in New York ~ link ~ Actually the people mentioned in the article, except for Rockefeller, are second string.

Ex-AIPAC Iran expert: There is no military option in Iran ~ link ~ Tell that to Bibi 666 Netanyahu ("Mr. Iran") - please!

Chile: The birds are dying - No one knows why ~ link

Survey: 29% loss of managed bee colonies ~ link

Israel's June military exercise seen by its enemies as a possible cover for launching a new Middle East regional war - This will be the largest military exercise in Israel's history - Larger than any 'exercise' just prior to any and all of its past wars ~ link ~ I strongly believe that a General Middle East War will begin in June or early July!

UK Parliament loses its historic right to run its own affairs ~ link ~ The rule of the NeoCon Labour Party has been horrific on Britain and its ancient institutions and traditions.

Irish report on abuse of children in Catholic institutions will have seismic impact ~ link ~ Also see: Thousands raped and attacked... ~ link ~ The Popes have known of this problem since the 60s, when a large number of gay priests/brothers/nuns were allowed into religious life. The problem existed before then but grew significantly at that time. There is no dogmatic reason for having non-married clergy in the Catholic Church and there is a direct relationship between single clergy and sex attacks on children and gays in the religious life. That the last several popes, especially John Paul II and the current pope have not allowed married priests raises the question, 'who are they really answering to'. It does not appear to be God! In Ireland today, there is a growing shortage of priests, this is a direct result of the scandal of gays taking over the priesthood to a large extent.

China is mobilizing its dollar-reserves by buying an enormous amount of real/hard assets while the US/Federal Reserve is accumulating vast amounts of debt of insolvent institutions ~ link ~ The powers that be in China see what is happening and about to happen and they want real assets in place.

Iran has test launched a medium-range surface-to-surface (IRBM - intermediate range ballistic missile) missile - the Sajjil-2 ~ link ~ The Sajjil-2 is solid fuel and this is a major advantage as it is ready to fire at any time; there is no signature given off by the fueling of the missile to overhead spy satellites that can indicate a possible attack or alert. It is also easier to hide and transport. The Iranians are likely to mass produce this missile as much as possible, as the way to overcome anti-missile defenses like Israel's is to swarm attack them with overwhelming numbers of incoming warheads.

New York Times falsifies Obama-Netanyahu meeting story ~ link ~ The most important reason that people have turned to alternative news media sources on the Internet is that the mainstream news media lies most of the time. It is simply a propaganda arm of the hidden Illuminati empire.

Israel lobby commits a major blunder in France - tries to silence a comedian ~ link ~ This is an interesting story, one with serious implications in many western nations. It is a story of a strategic overreach by Israel and its supporters and a growing backlash at a time of economic depression.

Could Weimar Republic type Hyperinflation happen in America? ~ link ~ Also see: The Weimar Hyperinflation: Could It Happen Again? ~ link ~ The answer is yes it could. What happened in Germany, during the Weimar Republic, was a deliberate gutting of the economy by the Illuminati for a variety of political/economic/strategic reasons. What is happening now, with this new Great Depression 2.0 along with growing police state laws and illegal actions and on-going wars and the rush into a new global war, is another great reordering of society by the Illuminati for their own goals at the horrific expense of 99% of the population. Hang on folks, it is about to get very rough very soon.

What can you buy with a Trillion Dollars ~ link ~ The United States has committed to a $12.8 Trillion bailout of the banking elite; all for them, nothing for us.

Elliot Wave Expert: A possible Dow at 2,000 ~ link ~ Everybody wants the economic crisis to be over. Sorry, but it simply will not work out that way.

Michael Martin resigns as Speaker (effective 21 June) - End of 'gentleman's club' rules - First Speaker forced out in over 300 years ~ link ~ Also see: Peerage title and 1.4 million UK pounds pension for ousted Speaker ~ link ~

Bibi 666 Netanyahu "stands firm against demands from Obama" ~ link ~ This is all a 'smoke and mirrors' play. Obama will not really do anything to stop Bibi from causing WWIII.

What is Netanyahu really afraid of? ~ link

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Anonymous said...

The abuse of children by catholic priest is a result of pedofile priests being allowed in the church, not gay priests. Gay people are not neccesarily pedofiles, in fact, the vast majority are not and condemn this disgusting abuse of children.