Sunday, May 31, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Congressman Ron Paul speaks on North Korea - video ~ link ~ Dr. Ron Paul is one of the few good men in the US Congress.

On the 'lighter side' ~ link ~ Everything can't be about war and economic depression.

Pakistan has a 'Second Strike' nuclear capability ~ link ~ I am sure that India has the same. What that means is, after their nations have been mostly wiped off of the face of the Earth and are now a green glass radioactive rubble zone for a 100,000 or so years (fatal to all forms of life higher than a cockroach), their leaders (what's left of them) poke their heads out from their deep bunkers long enough to order more nuclear warheads fired at their now dead/destroyed enemies.

"North Korea - the dead land" ~ link ~ North Korea is the most insane and evil land on Earth. I am coming to the belief that there is a very reasonable chance that a new Korean War will be one of the key 'bundle' of events that will quickly flow into WWIII/Armageddon.

CSTO (Russia and some former USSR republics) military pack ~ link ~ Getting ready for the Third World War.

Family of Secrets - video - on the Bush Crime Family ~ link

State of Israel holding largest war/civil defense exercise in its history ~ link

Israel begins largest war drill in its history - Preparing for regional war ~ link ~ Israel, like the gambler on a winning streak, thinks it cannot lose but its enemies have seen this coming for years and have been getting ready with some surprises of their own. Bibi 666 Netanyahu will get his war and it will begin the Final Battle - Armageddon.

Six escalation Scenarios to Nuclear World War III [Re-link] - Scenario 3 - Israel Bombs Iranian Nuclear Plants ~ link ~ I expect that Israel will use low-yield nuclear penetrating bombs on some of the nuclear facilities and claim that the radiation is from the plants and that they did not use nukes; however, the depth and 'hardness' of some of the facilities will require nuclear devices.

Israel's 'Doomsday Scenario' military exercises - Begin today 31 May 2009 ~ link ~ 'Doomsday Scenario' is a good term for what will happen when Bibi lights the match in the power keg.

Israel threatening Iran with 'nukes' ~ link ~ And Iran is quietly threatening Israel/USA/Canada/EU with Strategic Advanced Biological Warfare with a kill level very similar to Strategic Nuclear War.

For all of us beer drinkers ~ link

Britain's Weapons' Exports - thriving and Lethal ~ link

Millvina Dean -97- The last survivor of the Titanic dies ~ link ~ The end of an era.

Legal 'battles' may 'delay' closing Guantanamo ~ link ~ Really sad....the 9/11 - 'War on Terrorism' - torture - etc. time period of American events (last seven years or so) is one of the worst periods in US history.

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Anonymous said...

sorry but this summer can not be armegeddon. certainly a major war but not the final war.the bible is true and many things are not as of yet ready for the final battle.i enjoy your blog dc