Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mexican Swine Flu, News, Great Depression 2.0 - links of the day

Israeli extremist Foreign Minister visits UK - Talks to UK NeoCon Foreign Minister - Entire visit is shrouded in secrecy ~ link ~ This is one of several high level visits going on among key players in the prelude to the strike on Iran/General Middle Eastern War/World War III.

Obama considers detaining terror suspects on US soil indefinitely and without trial ~ link ~ That is unconstitutional. It is also wrong, it violates all judicial standards going back 600 years and more. Where is the 'change' Mr. Obama? The bastards in power are tearing up the American Constitution before our very eyes. If they can do this to some supposed "terror suspects" they can do it to anyone.

Commons Speaker Martin to face 'No Confidence Motion' ~ link ~ This is the first time anything like this has happened for 300 or so years. This shows just how big a deal this MPs Expenses Scandal is in the United Kingdom. Almost all Members of Parliament have been caught with 'their fingers in the cookie jar' and the public is fed up.

Tamiflu Developer: Mexican Swine Flu May Have Been Released From A Lab ~ link ~ There is no doubt that this virus is not a natural event and I have been saying this since the story on it first broke.

35 US states now involved in state rights movement based on 10th Amendment ~ link

Hubble captured by Atlantis ~ link ~

Vatican to stop missionizing Jews ~ link ~ If this report is true, it is shocking and horrible theology from Pope Benedict XVI.

One odd feature of Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) is NO FEVER in many cases ~ link ~ Very odd, since fever is almost always present in flus. This is an bioengineered virus.

PM Gordon Brown calls for "extreme" action to repair trust ~ link ~ Head fox calls for "extreme" action to repair hen house security.

US Commercial real estate worries grow - delinquency rates double ~ link

Iran preparing for War ~ link ~ Iran most likely does not have any nukes but it does have a massive Advanced Biowar program and can spread death and destruction throughout the world if it is attacked.

Pope Benedict XVI in Bethlehem calls for sovereign Palestinian homeland ~ link ~ The Pope is showing some courage; maybe he has had his fill of Israeli bulling.

Former Georgian President (and former USSR Foreign Minister) Eduard Shevardnadze calls on Saakashvili to resign ~ link

IMF Collects Debts on Behalf of the World's Largest Banks - PM Gordon Brown 'spills the beans' on the IMF ~ link ~ The IMF is simply one arm of the global banking families/Illuminati.

Dark Matter Ring Discovered - ESA/NASA video ~

The Final Push for World Government - BBC5 video ~ link ~ We are in the End Game of those that intend a satanic one-world high tech world government. World War III is part of that End Game.

World Health Organization Investigates Claim That Mexican Swine Flu Is Human Lab Error ~ link ~ Those of us who know something of Advanced Biological Warfare, based on recombination DNA technology, simply know that this virus is not a naturally occurring event.

Study ranking nations in terms of how aggressively they monitor their populations electronically: China, North Korea, Belarus, Russia, United Kingdom, United States ~ link ~ Sad - DAMN SAD! How the British and American people have allowed this to happen is simply damn sad. We have way too many worthless crooks in power and way too concentrated control over mainstream news media by Illuminati front men.

Biohackers: In attics and closets recombination DNA genetic bioengineering being done ~ link ~ Very scary stuff. But not anywhere near as scary as that being done by nation states; Advanced Biowar is the 'poor man's nukes'.

The Fed cannot account for $9 TRILLION in off-balance sheet transactions ~ link ~ So why have this privately owned central bank?

Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) - if it continues to spread at current rate - will effect one-third of world's population in 6 to 9 months ~ link ~ And some people thought I was being alarmist! The reality is this recombination DNA technology created virus is just beginning its journey through the human population. We do not know how this thing will mutate or be mutated. One aspect of bioengineering is that the end result is often unstable; we could end up with a super killer virus any day (or not).

Ancient Scottish Barony Title For Sale - Offers Over 800,000 UK pounds ~ link ~ Some people ask why do I offer a barony title when the world is going to end. I don't believe that the world is going to end anytime soon. We are in the Biblical End Times but the world will not end. If you are Christian you know that Jesus will save us from the evil ones intent on destroying mankind; we will have a New World soon as promised in the Bible.

UK Parliament Excessive Expenses Scandal Explodes - Cameron orders Tory MPs to repay state funds or be sacked ~ link ~ Nothing like the light of day to scare the hell out of the political crooks.

Beware The Hate Crimes Bill! Unintended Consequences ~ link ~ The so-called Hate Crimes Bill is simply one more Big Brother effort to strip Americans of their Constitutional rights.

24,700,000 Unemployed or Underemployed Americans ~ link ~ Time for the American sheeple to wake up!

Wanted: One Million Rebellious Britons ~ link

H.B. 645 would create detention camps in USA for 'emergencies' ~ link

What lurks in the depths of the oceans? ~ link

Israeli Study: Iran's missiles not an existential threat ~ link ~ Maybe, but the Iranian Advanced Biowar program is such a threat - so don't start a war "Mr. Iran"/Netanyahu.

UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg adds to pressure on Commons Speaker to quit over MPs Expenses Scandal ~ link ~ The Speaker should have resigned last year when he allowed police to search Commons offices.

Line of nicks on Space Shuttle from launch debris ~ link

Lord Tebbit urges UK voters to shun all main political parties in next month's EU elections ~ link ~ I agree! Also see: Will Lord Tebbit's boycott call backfire? ~ link

Commons Speaker Michael Martin under intense pressure to quit ~ link

Pope Benedict XVI calls for Palestinian homeland ~ link

Blind mother of two is regaining her vision after 46 years due to revolutionary operation ~ link

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i must agree that the pope's actions to not witness to jews is bad theology. it is purely political.i do not hold to catholic theology although i was raised with it. clearly the one said to stand in place of Christ is truely dening the LORD. the LORD's commandment was to preach the gospel to the whole world starting in Jerusalem then to Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the can one who is infallible in matters of doctrine deny the words of God himself.this alone should be enough to disqualify the theology of the "chuch"as merely political.catholics you must decide if you will follow the LORD or the pope clearly the pope has demonstrated a division between the two.this i say with love as most of my family remains catholic davec