Friday, April 24, 2009

Mexican Swine Flu

Mexican Swine Flu

Something really dangerous is happening in Mexico, Texas, and California. A new recombination swine type flu has been infecting hundreds of people, spreading via human-to-human transmission. Since this flu has aspects of several different flu viruses, including those that infect swine, birds and humans, it is unlikely to be a natural evolution. Somebody has created this! See links below to related stories.

Latest Update:

Mexican Swine Flu - An Advanced Biowar Event ~ link

Mexican Swine Flu: Global Pandemic Fear ~ link

Something Wicked This Way Comes Scene I, Act II by

Dr. A. T. Ott ~ link ~ I was just on talk radio today with the good doctor on NutraMedical Report.

New York City: 75 students on one school ill - Is it Mexican Swine Flu ~ link

New and deadly swine flu hits Mexico - School canceled for millions of children in Mexico as fear spreads ~ link

Seven people diagnosed with Mexican Swine Flu in USA ~ link ~ This monster is already international and spreading fast.

828 Cases of Mexican Swine Flu in Mexico, most in Mexico City - so far - at least 20 deaths - most cases in healthy young adults ~ link ~ This part about hitting healthy young adults is similar to Spanish Flu that killed many many millions of people around the world in about 1917. This is really bad news and is another sign of a man created recombination DNA Advanced Biowar type of virus.

Mexico City schools closed due to Mexican Swine Flu epidemic ~ link ~ It is an epidemic now, but could become a pandemic in days or weeks. Mexico City is a massive city with 20 million residents, famous for crowded conditions, poor sanitation, and poverty - an ideal place for an explosive growth of a new designer Advanced Biowar virus.

Travel advisory warns of severe respiratory illness in Mexico ~ link ~ Spanish Flu was a respiratory illness that hit the young and healthy. It used their strong natural defenses against the patient and killed by the millions.

Mexican Swine Flu death toll may be 60 not 20 deaths. This flu contains DNA from avian, swine and human viruses including Asian and European swine flu viruses according to CDC ~ link ~ Did somebody 'jump the gun' with respect to the Iranian Advanced Biowar MAD Counter-force??? All these viruses, from three or more continents, together. That almost certainly cannot be a natural event. This is an Advanced BioWar event.

Mexican Swine Flu - Mexican lung illness heighten PANDEMIC RISK ~ link

Mexico City launches massive vaccination campaign against swine flu ~ link ~ Sorry, but this is apt to be mostly or totally ineffective against the new Mexican Swine Flu. The health authorities are certain to know this but are attempting to prevent panic in this massive city. We are seeing a glimpse of the near future for the entire planet.

World Health Organization: Very concerned about global PANDEMIC from Mexican Swine Flu - cases now over 900 ~ link ~ Is the release of Mexican Swine Flu an attempt to organize the civilian medical communities for much nastier Advanced Biowar viruses to come, from the Iranian asymmetrical Advanced Biowar MAD counter-force that they are expected to use in the coming Iran War?

USA 'very concerned' about Mexican Swine Flu outbreak ~ link ~ We better be more than 'very concerned' and get our act together and together quick. Rapid coordinated response at all levels of government and communities is key to limiting the death/infection toll.


inte said...

H1N1 is an ordinary swine flu which always had the capability to spread from human to human. The only thing is that it may be a little more virulent. But, as for none of the American cases is taking a severe course, this outbreak seems to be nothing unusual. However, if you feel at risk: H1N1 is covered by the ordinary influenca vacine, feel free to get your vacination. Just don't worry.

Anonymous said...

This is just a note for Lord Stirling and not meant to be posted.

Here is a pretty good source for current info on the flu outbreak...

(but often unconfirmed or dubious claims).

I read your page several times a day & enjoy your perspective.


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