Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mexican Swine Flu - UPDATE


WHO calls emerency global meeting on Mexican Swine Flu ~ link

Mexican Swine Flu could infect US trade and travel ~ link ~ Key question: How soon will international borders begin to close? Already it is 'too late' to contain this Advanced Biowar virus in Mexico and America.

Mexican Swine Flu deaths raise fears of global epidemic ~ link ~ This monster is already spreading like wildfire. If airports are not closed to international travel within 48 hours or less it will be too late. Contact your MP or local government officials and demand the closing of all international borders NOW.

Possible Mexican Swine Flu outbreak in New York City prep school - 75 students ill ~ link

Previous Swine Flu Outbreak At Fort Dix ~ link

Plans for Mass Graves: Government Surveying Cemetery Readiness for Flu Outbreak - video ~ link ~ This is an older video but it is very relevant to the current Advanced Biowar virus event.

History of Bird Flu and the Illuminati depopulation agenda by Dr. True Ott ~ link ~ What is the real agenda behind the release of the Mexican Swine Flu Advanced Biowar virus?

Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials and Sent to 18 Countries ~ link ~ This is from March 3, 2009. This event was never explained successfully as to how, in spite of massive tripwires designed to prevent such an event from happening, it did in fact happen. Who is behind the release of the Mexican Swine Flu Advanced Biowar weapon?

Scientists Resurrect Deadly Flu Virus ~ link ~ This is from Oct. 6, 2005 and refers to the last deadly new flu that attacked healthy strong young adults - Spanish Flu from 1918.

CDC: Too Late to contain Mexican Swine Flu in USA ~ link ~ Soon it will be 'too late' to contain it globally unless international travel is shut down and shut down fast, like this weekend!


ruben said...

I think we must be scared...

childoflight said...

The borders should all be closed right now!! It may be too late for us in the USA and Canada but it may not be too late for other countries! By the way our President was exposed 8 days ago now to a man that HAS SINCE DIED OF BIRD FLU!!!!!!I hope to God that President Obama is OK.It is time for EVERY CITIZEN TO DEMAND THEIR BORDERS BE CLOSED!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Problem: In 2008 before the summer olympics began, China was under severe global criticism for their harsh stance against Tibet. Even the torch runners were attacked as they ran across the globe. Solution: Use HAARP and cause a huge earthquake to crumble public buildings. Result: hundreds of children were killed and the world's emotion was instantly flipped from angst to sympathy. Problem solved.

Problem: 2009. Escalating drug wars spread across Mexico and threatens to spread to southern US border states. Social order is severely disruped as gov't officials are killed and cops are executed by drug gang members. Solution: use a combination of biological warfare class virus that are "missing" from a number of gov't labs. unleash a lab created virus that will force people to stay home or otherwise be killed by this man-made virus. Result: a so-called swine flu virus spreads during non-flu season that prompts the gov't to shut down public buildings and businesses which force people to stay home. Problem solved.

Rodman said...

Any chance this will end up being basically nothing, like SARS was a few years ago?

Steve B. said...

Thank you Stirling! You are providing an important service - we need good info' sources on the flue pandemic threat. You rock! Thank you.

Bob Hamrick said...

FYI, true COLLOIDAL SILVER is 100% EFFECTIVE and SAFE against ALL forms of influenza, plus more than 650 other pathogens. It is also CHEAP, since it CANNOT be patented. Here is a list of diseases treated by medical doctors prior to 1938, when the first antibiotics were introduced:

Anonymous said...

Virus with component parts from all over the influenza empire? I think the "conspiracy theorists" may be ahead of the pack on this one.

Anonymous said...

Speculations mount that Pres. Obama has been infected with Swine Flu after his Mexico trip