Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mexican Swine Flu, News, Great Depression 2.0 - links of the day

The Australian newspaper: 'Thought police muscle up in Britain' - UK evolving into first modern soft totalitarian state ~ link ~ The Illuminati have selected Britain to be the lead state in the New World Order high tech police state.

Telepathic Properties of DNA? ~ link
~ Remember my article and links to a Super Holographic Universe - all things in one.

Dr./Congressman Ron Paul today's interview on 'Russia Today' ~ link ~

Hezbollah official warns of Israeli invasion - May be linked to Israel's largest in history military maneuvers this May 31st ~ link ~

"Junk" DNA in humans reawakens to fight HIV ~ link ~ God does great work!

Lucifer's Rebellion Gains Momentum ~ link ~ Ultimately, what is going on is part of a on-going rebellion by the fallen pathetic loser Lucifer against God.

Chrysler - To go bankrupt ~ link ~ 2009 is like some strange Stephen King novel or movie....we have multiple earth shattering things happening....a new black President elected on a platform of 'Change' and little change after 100 days in office and two wars still on-going....we have a new Great Depression 2.0....we have a new Pandemic, a lot like the killer 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic....we have an Israel which almost launched a surprise attack on Iran on April 17th and no doubt will launch a new war with Iran and begin a new regional war in the Middle East....NATO conducting military operations on battlefields from a war a few months ago involving Russia and Israeli commandos fighting one another....we are heading to a place where a general Middle East war causes 50 or more new viruses to be released on the public in multiple places at the same time by Iranian terrorists, all of them much worse than the Mexican Swine Flu virus....where amidst all the dying from advanced biowar and the very hot WMD war between Israel/USA on one side and Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine on the other....things just might get very hot between Russia and China on one side and America/NATO/Israel on the other side and 10,000 nukes fly in the Northern Hemisphere

US Senator Dick Durbin - a senior Democrat - 'banks own the Congress' ~ link ~ What a shocker, NOT. We have spent/committed/pledged US$12.8 TRILLION as the largest ripoff in world history to the global bankers. We have economically murdered ourselves and our future. One trillion dollars would put 20 million Americans to work for one year at $50,000 each. Or we could give $10,000 to every American over 16 on a Reconstruction Credit Card - $10k that could not be used on food or housing, but only on made-in-America products. Which would cause the rebirth of the American industrial might. No instead we gave the money to the global banking families who created the economic crisis in the first place.

Network of Spiritual Progressives (headed by a Jewish Rabbi): How Ahmadinejad Serves the Interests of the Mossad ~ link ~ Or maybe, extremists who recklessly push for a global war with 21st Century weapons are just plain evil and serve satan regardless if they are Jewish, Muslin, Christian, Hindu, etc. Both Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu feed off of each other and create more hate and more violence and death.

An investigation into the first Mexican Swine Flu death in Mexico - No connection with any pig farm ~ link ~ No pig farm....of course not....the virus was man created in the lab.

Reconstruction of the Spanish Flu Pandemic virus ~ link ~ Interesting.

Virus has pig, bird, human components says World Organization for Animal Health ~ link ~ It is important to remember this, as the current psyops disinformation campaign continues, and we are fed lies about 'no danger, no need to worry about the Mexican Swine Flu Pandemic'.

1918 Influenza: The Mother of All Pandemics ~ link ~ The current Mexican Swine Flu Pandemic (MSF Pandemic) has some strong similarities to the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic. Just as we have seen a new Great Depression come upon us, we have now - just now as a matter of fact - in about a week, we have gone from not knowing of any new deadly super killer flu to the new Mexican Swine Flu has now become a Pandemic. Talk about a hot spreading Advanced Biological Warfare virus! The new Great Depression and the new killer flu are deeply related to one another. They are parts, key parts, of the Illuminati's strategic End Game plan to create the New World Order where they have total domination over all on the Earth. Of course, the strategy calls for a new global war to reduce the "herd" 2/3 or so.

Attempt made on lives of the Dutch Royal Family - 4 killed - 13 injured - royals safe ~ link ~ This is one of the richest families on Earth. Some say they are very close to the Illuminati or a part of it. See also this story from Sky News ~ link

Weaponizing Deadly Viruses: Historical Precedents ~ link ~ The advent of Advanced Biowar, that is recombination DNA genetically engineered viruses, is a terrible step towards the destruction of all mankind. This type of warfare is at least as dangerous as global strategic thermonuclear warfare.

Russian President: NATO's military exercises in Georgia genuine provocation ~ link ~ This is a case of the Illuminati setting the stage for World War III. The global war is part of their End Game agenda for establishing the New World Order - a one world government high tech police state with far fewer people left on the Earth. This is a satanic nightmare, one that will not work as the human race cannot survive 21st Century warfare without the direct intervention of Christ Himself.

US House of Representatives passes "hate crime' legislation ~ link ~

Mexican 'confirmed' deaths now at 176 - WHO warns pandemic imminent ~ link ~

UK 'confirms' 8 Mexican Swine Flu cases ~ link ~ There is a massive difference between cases and 'confirmed cases' as the process of official confirmation is long and stacked against counting all but the most obvious cases.

Russia signs border agreements with Abkhazia and Ossetia as NATO prepares military war games in Georgia - Russia assumes the power to guard their borders with Georgia ~ link ~ Setting the stage for WWIII.

Gordon Brown faces defeat in Commons on MPs expenses reform ~ link

PM Brown loses authority as Labour MPs rebel over the treatment of the Gurkhas - with video ~ link ~ Glad to see that some Labour MPs still have a conscious and some balls.

British combat operations end in Iraq ~ link ~ So why are American combat operations still going on after the American public voted in two elections to end the war???????

US Vice President Joe Biden says he would not want his family members to use subways, airplanes, trains - says schools should be closed ~ link ~ Joe got "off script" and the White House and HHS Secretary have slapped him down. What he said was true. This should tell you that we are being lied to as a part of official government policy, a policy that is allowing the Advanced Biowar virus to spread among us. ~ see a video of him speaking on this ~ link

US orders police, immigration and airport workers not to wear anti-flu masks ~ link ~ Mexico officials required to wear masks on US border ~ link

Turkey wants the Russian S-400 missile system ~ link ~ This is 'blowback' from the recent Gaza War which deeply offended the Turks. One more example of how the NeoCon/Lukid warhawks are strategically harming their own interests.

Mexico shutting down most government functions as swine flu cases jump ~ link ~ Things are beginning to get out of control there and the disease has really only begun to hit Mexico.

WHO warns on Mexican Swine Flu: 'All of humanity under threat' ~ link

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Note to Lord Stirling:

This article confirms what you have been saying--it is the "base reproduction rate" that determines the severity of a pandemic. Failure to shut down air travel from Mexico will make the pandemic several hundred percent worse.