Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mexican Swine Flu, News, Great Depression 2.0 - links of the day

Breaking Expose: Video with Dr. Leonard Horowitz - he uncovers (probability) the secret about who made the Mexican Swine Flu virus ~ MUST SEE VIDEO ~link

Pandemic Phases - interactive ~ link

NeoCon "headquarters" launches dedicated anti-Iran propaganda site ~ link ~ Getting the world ready for the coming-very-soon Iran War and WWIII.

Swine Flu genes from pigs only not human or birds ~ link ~ NOT! The "poisoning the well" misinformation campaign has kicked into overdrive. Multiple sources have confirmed multiple human and animal virus DNA in Mexican Swine Flu but now we are told that it is only Swine Flu DNA would wonder why pigs are not getting sick with this so-called Mexican Swine Flu. But I am sure that soon they will put out stories that, yes after all - really - for sure, pigs have been found to have the new flu. Already some mainstream news media mouthpieces are saying the flu started at a big pig farm and the surrounding area, north of Mexico City. Just like AIDS comes from African Green Monkeys. In fact I remember reading a story that a scientist recovered DNA from a microscope slide from the 1950s that had the AIDS virus....RIGHT...what total bullshit. You see the hidden powers that be...the Illuminati....want the public to be ignorant about Advanced Biological Warfare and recombination DNA genetic engineering technology. It's not man made us. The plant carefully crafted psychological warfare type stories in their controlled news media to shape and control what the sheeple believe. Don't fall for this crap this time, the stakes for us all in this coming WWIII nightmare of Advanced BioWar/etc. are simply too great.

Last King of Italy's grandson, Prince Emmanuel Filiberto of Savoy, to run in EU elections ~ link

First swine flu fatality in America: Time for alarm President Obama - close down the border ~ link

World Health Organization raises Mexican Swine Flu global alert to PANDEMIC - LEVEL 5 ~ link

Over 30 US Marines at Twentynine Palms USMC Base in California under quarantine - one already confirmed as having Mexican Swine Flu ~ link ~ I wonder what the skeptics of the Mexican Swine Flu outbreak will say to this? There is a trend, among some anti-war/progressive sites on the Internet to not believe anything about the outbreak. I understand their reluctance, anything to do with the government should be questioned. However, what these people don't understand is the true nature of Advanced Biological Warfare. They simply don't see that it is a global strategic weapon of mass destruction capable of killing at least as many people as global thermonuclear warfare and their inability to adjust their thinking to the military/medical reality of Advanced Biowar is dangerous because it is a blindness to a rather unpleasant truth.

Avoid Flu Shots - Take Vitamin D Instead ~ link

Mexican Swine Flu may be spreading within New York City ~ link

Judge sentences mother of four small children to jail for 30 days for texting in court ~ link ~ I always maintain that the way to judge an individual is to give them power. This judge is a total power happy jerk and should be removed from the bench.

Advertisement: Ancient Scottish title of Baron for sale at offers over one million UK pounds ~ link

UK Ministers defeated on Gurkhas vote ~ link ~ This is a good example of how totally without principles the Blair/Brown government is. These Gurkhas have fought for the United Kingdom in the most difficult military environments but now the Cabinet wants to betray them.

Canada may buy stakes in General Motors and Chrysler ~ link

The Unseen Hand of Power Brokers - still a danger to black farmers - and others too ~ link ~ This involves a 80+ year old black farmer in Kentucky who had his farm taken from him by the US courts in a case that was clearly illegal and unconstitutional.

Only 7 swine flu deaths ~ link ~ This is a classic case of misinformation. The WHO official quoted was clearly referring to a internal bureaucratic count, not real world figures, but the article does not go into all of that. The article is clearly designed to confuse people not capable of thinking for themselves.

Do face masks really work at preventing flu transmission ~ link

Swine flu is a man made virus - video ~ link

Folk medicines and herbs to use and avoid with "Bird Flu"/etc. ~ link

Swine Flu container explodes on Swiss train ~ link

Avian Flu Scam - Prototype for all mandatory mass vaccination schemes ~ link

Homeland Security Secretary: Mexican border to stay open ~ link ~ It's almost like our top people read the manual on what to do in the case of a possible pandemic but are doing the opposite.

California - with the first two US deaths likely from Mexican Swine Flu - declares State of Emergency ~ link

Many Hundreds in New York City sick with suspected Mexican Swine Flu ~ link

US Court of Appeals has rebuffed Obama's assertion of state secrecy and reinstated torture lawsuit ~ link

WHO ready to declare a PANDEMIC - Stage 5 ~ link ~ This nightmare is less than a week old in the public eye and already we are at a Pandemic stage. Mexican Swine Flu is just getting started!

Widespread school closings in New York City a possibility ~ link

Scotland now has 23 suspected Mexican Swine Flu cases ~ link ~ A day or two ago there were only 2 suspected cases.

EU Health Commissioner: No point in restricting travel due to Mexican Swine Flu ~ link ~ On Monday this idiot said she was 'personally' in favor of avoiding non-essential travel to areas with flu. The world is wide open to this Pandemic due to the idiots in charge (and that's assuming that they are just stupid not criminally insane/evil).

Russia widens ban on meat from USA ~ link ~ Interesting as there is no infection in pigs from this version of swine flu!

Cat video ~ link ~ Why? Because not everything can be about flu and financial depression, etc.

Gordon Brown says Britain well placed to tackle Mexican Swine Flu ~ link ~ Oh hell - the United Kingdom is in real trouble then. Brown and his ilk only tell the truth if they screw up, 99.9% of the time they lie.

Bermuda: avoid non-urgent travel to North America ~ link ~

A Mexican Swine Flu Pandemic could cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars ~ link ~

UN Scientist: Mexican Swine Flu created in lab as bio-weapon ~ link ~ Claim is also made for Ebola and HIV. Those of us in the know, have been aware of this for a long time. These "new" killer diseases have come about after the invention of Advanced Biological Warfare/recombination DNA genetic engineering technology.

WHO deputy chief says 'Prepare for Swine Flu Pandemic' ~ link

Spanish Flu Pandemic ~ link ~ This is an article by Dr. Henry Makow in 2006. I think that the creation of Spanish Flu, from what I have read in detail elsewhere, was more a medical lab accident than a deliberate creation as the technology was so limited in 1917/18.


Anonymous said...

Actually, here in Europe have been reported one of the two California deaths "not from swine flu" and the second "higly unlikely".

OMS now declares "79 cases and 7 deaths" total...very unclear situation.

What do you think about such declarations?

Lord Stirling said...

I believe that the number of cases and deaths in Mexico is higher than reported. This will continue to expand and take a lot of lives in the days/weeks/months to come.

Anonymous said...

This from my point of view would mean that deaths in Mexico and possibly around the world are being deliberatedly hidden.

And as well no real containment is being done intentionally.

Or this is all a mediatic invention to scare people, I can't really see other options.

That's why I asked about the OMS declaration (still interested in your answer, btw).

Anonymous said...

note for Lord Stirling

This is a 28 minute video of Dr. Henry Niman of Recombinomics on the swine flu.

he estimates roughly 200,000 people in Mexico are infected but show no symptoms.

He thinks this first wave will be mild and then be very serious in the fall. By that time Tamiflu will have little effect on the virus.

Thanks for your blog information.

Philip said...

Really appreciate the work you put in to this blog. Thank you.

(read via Melbourne, Australia)