Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mexican Swine Flu, News, Great Depression 2.0 - links of the day

Israel's bio-defense program - Former chief of Israel's National Security Council says that Mexican Swine Flu "helps illustrate the threat of bio-weapons" ~ link ~ Most interesting comment. We do not know who created Mexican Swine Flu or why it got out but it is highly unlikely that it is a naturally occurring event. The timing may be the key here as to what really happened. On April 17 the Israelis almost attacked Iran canceling only at the last minute due to the fact that the Russians tipped off the Iranians (according to good Israeli and Iranian sources). Mexican Swine Flu may be a warning shot from the Iranian MAD (mutually assured destruction) advanced biowar counter-force. As a warning shot, Mexican Swine Flu is perfect. It spreads like wildfire, has a multiple recombination DNA signature (so that those in the know will recognize it as genetically engineered), but has a relatively low fatality ratio (about 8% in Mexico so far). Keep in mind, Iran cannot fight Israel and American using conventional or nuclear forces; it has to fight an asymmetrical war and advanced biological warfare is the "poor man's nuke" and something that the Iranians have invested in extensively for over 18 years. If this is a 'warning shot' from Iran it is a good one; they are demonstrating their ability to deliver a new class (Advanced Biowar) of global strategic MAD weapons of mass destruction and also demonstrating the weakness of the West to stop any biowar attack from spreading globally.

Iran canceled airshow when Russia warned Israel planned to destroy all 140 warplanes ~ link

Israel planned to attack Iran on April 17th ~ link

Indonesian Health Minister says Mexican Swine Flu virus could be man-made ~ link ~

Mexican Swine Flu impacts global economy ~ link ~

WHO raises global alert level as Mexican Swine Flu virus spreads its reach ~ link

WHO raises threat level as at least 16 nations report likely cases ~ link ~ Cases and locations of cases growning by the hour as this hot spreading biowar virus moves theoughout the globe.

Swine Flu smells like another 9/11 and this is the mild version ~ link ~

US Government and auto union set to take control of both General Motors and Chrysler ~ link ~ This does not seem like a reasonable way out of the auto crisis to me - socialism and a fat cat union.

Key US Government posts remain vacant as Untested Pandemic Response Plan Implemented ~ link ~ So far the plan has failed to stop the spread of the virus and in Advanced Biowar that is the game.

Russia begins construction of oil pipeline to China ~ link

Swine Flu: Where to find virus, track outbreak, learn symptoms, more ~ link

Swine flu tragedy sparks conspiracy talk ~ link ~ The last paragraph is interesting. It makes the point that in Mexico, unlike some third world nations, pigs and birds are rarely raised together making the mixing of avian flu and pig flu and other flus (human type A and B) unlikely at best and more likely to "have been genetically engineered as a form of bio-weaponry".

Obama embraces a dramatic change in US policy on "global warming" ~ link ~ Actually we appear to be entering a period of global cooling due to the Sun.

Mexican Swine Flu spreading to Middle East and Asia ~ link ~ This shows just how fast an advanced biowar virus can travel, and there was only ONE point of origin in this case. In an all-out global war involving advanced biowar there are apt to be dozens to hundreds of points of origins and many dozens of genetically engineered viruses.

Mexican Swine Flu fears dominate world stock markets ~ link

Russian Foreign Minister criticizes NATO Georgian war games ~ link ~ The war games are unnecessarily provocative and no responsible government should support the current Georgian government, which is guilty of war crimes in the recent war.

China getting ready to 'get out' of US Treasury Notes ~ link

Gordon Brown embarrassed by Polish Prime Minister ~ link

Mexican Swine Flu could hit 40% of British population ~ link

Wales: Eight cases of possible Mexican Swine Flu ~ link

How does Mexican Swine Flu kill healthy people ~ link

First possible American deaths from Mexican Swine Flu ~ link

Spector switching parties ~ link ~ Old 'magic bullet' Spector. When he was young and working for the coverup Warren Commission, he was the scumbag that created the 'magic bullet theory'.

Notre Dame student has Mexican Swine Flu ~ link

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Walt said...

I hope we did not make this thing to kill off Mexicans. The 22 million in Mexico city would make a tempting target. One application would be the targeting specific ethnic groups, no doubt the human genome sequence has genetic variants that can be used to define racial groups. Although human genetic diversity is found within most populations. However it will be wrong to rule out this possibility.

The threat of biological warfare is real, and genetic engineering and genomics have the potential to greatly increase its scope.

While I doubt we are witnessing the final genocide of the Native American peoples, this new killer bug seems to be hitting this ethnic group the hardest, and that may place my kinfolk at a higher risk.