Monday, April 20, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

New limits on tourism in Antarctica ~ link

India's massive $50 billion arms buildup ~ link

Gold could hit US$1,500/oz ~ link

Robert Gates proposes change in US defense strategy ~ link

Susan Boyle's youtube home page ~ link

Extremely rare and ancient British title of nobility for sale - title of Baron in the ancient Baronage of the Isles in Scotland with link to one of the historic sites of Camelot for sale at offers over one million UK pounds - one of approximately 200 titles worldwide (Scottish feudal baronies) that are real, are part of a nation having a monarchy and system of noble titles, and capable of being transferred by sale - one of approximately a half-dozen Baronies of the Isles still in existence (the most rare of all Scottish barony titles) ~ link

Cindad de Sevilla - music video with Jeff DeVillez ~ link

LORD STIRLING WILL BE A GUEST ON DR. BILL DEAGLE'S NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT NATIONAL TALK RADIO ON Thursday 23rd APRIL 2009. See Clay and Iron Ministries for radio interviews ~ link

India's brisk trade in child slaves ~ link ~ India's current prosperity comes from its exports to the West. This is a weapon that we should be using to clean up this trade in children as slaves.

Cold Fusion is a reality ~ link ~ There are a number of suppressed technologies that would end the so-called energy shortage almost overnight. However, the Rothschild Empire controls the trade in oil and various other elements of the global banking families/Illuminati are heavy into oil and related energy industries. Hence, they will buy off, threaten, kill, etc. whoever and whatever to ensure that key technologies stay 'suppressed'.

Russia has deployed the entire 22 warships of the Black Sea Fleet as NATO nears the 19-nation military exercises in Georgia that Russia calls "insane" ~ link ~ This is all about two interconnected things: (1) The coming war on Iran; Israel and America intend to use airbases in Georgia to attack northern Iran; and (2) The global banking families (the Illuminati) intend to "thin the herd" (that would be us) of the human population of this planet by having a new global war and they want Russia to battle NATO in this war; a Third World War that will allow them to complete their multi-generational plan for a single world government giving them total control over the entire world and all living creatures on it.

81 Year old black man, who had the Federal Government steal his farm for the several hundred million dollars of coal underneath it, is arrested for making 'threats' against a US Marshall ~ link ~ This story needs national/international attention. The Feds claimed that he took out a agricultural loan and did not repay it. However, they NEVER gave ANY EVIDENCE in Court that this loan actually existed, that Mr. Young (the black 81 year old farmer) ever received even a penny of this "loan", yet they took his land away from him (similar stories are shockingly common in the South). Now, to shut him up, they have arrested him for scaring (making a "threat") to a US Marshall. This is a case of Fascism pure and simple. That Obama would allow his Department of Justice and his Department of Agriculture to engage in this type of behavior shows just how little he really connects to the black community that gave him so much support in his election campaign. The KKK burnt a cross or two on Mr. Young's land; the Feds have done him much worst than the Klan.

Russia threatens to end military talks with NATO over Georgia military exercises ~ link

Gordon Brown told by large UK union to end smears ~ link ~ Even Brown's supporters can hardly stand the man.

Purchase of US Treasury bonds by China at lowest level in years ~ link ~ Not a good sign for the US Dollar.

Russia to increase military presence in Kyrgyzstan ~ link

Obama's Cockeyed Optimism ~ link ~ We are less than half way into the Great Depression 2.0, the worst is yet to come.

The Great Recession: America becomes thrift nation ~ link ~ My sources tell me that there is a massive across-the-board cutback by Americans on spending; major retailers are very worried.

Nationwide US shortages of gun accessories and ammo ~ link

Susan Boyle's competition - Boy wonder Shaheen Jafargholi music video ~ link ~ This kid is great; however, I still like Susan Boyle.

Senior Japanese politician wants Japan to develop nuclear weapons ~ link ~ Japan has the enriched material, the technology, the delivery systems for a very significant number of nuclear weapons. All Japan has to do is to put these parts together and she can do so quickly.

Elaine Paige and Susan Boyle to sing a duet ~ link

USA House of Representatives HR45 Blair Holt Firearms Act of 2009 ~ link ~ This proposed bill is a fascist piece of legislation if there ever was one.

Rife and Rife-Bare Devices ~ link ~ If you or someone you know has cancer you should be looking at this link and anything you can about the late Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling

I enjoy yor blog and see that in most things you are a no BS sort of chap.
Why oh why do you persist in trying to promote crackpot devices like Rife and Rife-Bare Devices? You obviously believe in the existance of some sort of miracle cure against cancer but there is no single cause of cancer, so how could their be some magical device that can eliminate it like this.

It strikes me, reading about Royal Rife that her was a rather good microscope engineer that wanted to make more of it than really existed. There seems to be no real evidence that his devices actually worked. He was a crank and people are using this to market machines that raise false hopes amongst patients that can ill afford to be manipulated in such a way.

Best wishes, Jonathan

Lord Stirling said...

I am far from certain that Rife and his treatments were/are crackpot. In the archives to this blog you will find a link to a article describing how two scientists have made an interesting discovery...and my comments that Dr. Rife beat them to it by about 70 years. Vibrational medicine has shown itself to work many many times. What it does not do, however, is allow the major pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to make any money and that is the key as to why it is not used today. The modern use of "chemo" for advanced cancer is most certainly crackpot. Studies show that physicians who have advanced cancer, in overwhelming numbers, will not undergo chemo themselves.