Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Moyers Journal: Madoff was a piker - America's Big Banks are a far larger fraudulent Ponzi Scheme ~ link

Xylitol - sugar substitute - is TOXIC to pets ~ link

Former President Fujimori of Peru sentenced to 25 years in prison for death squad ~ link ~ Peru more law abiding that USA as Bush and Cheney stay free.

It's a Depression - 663,000 jobs lost in March in USA ~ link ~ Yes, but we spent $12.8 TRILLION to save a handful of key banks and big companies. So everything is OK, right???????

It's More or Less Official: We're In a Global Depression ~ link ~ A new Great Depression 2.0 that was planned/organized/controlled by the Illuminati as a key step to moving the world towards a "New World Order"/global police slave state owned by the super-elite satanic global banking families.

Canadian Government feared the message of George Galloway, MP ~ link

Israel getting ready for visit of Pope Benedict XVI in mid-May ~ link

Obama in Iraq - Next 18 months key ~ link ~ The man elected to 'end' the war in Iraq just cannot seem to get the troops out of Iraq; more talk/BS but the troops stay there and continue to die there while spending untold billions of the taxpayers money in a Great Depression.

Philadelphia's Mother Teresa ~ link

Drug war in Vancouver claims 18 lives - 50 shootings in last 3 months ~ link

Switzerland sliding into deflation in next step of Great Depression 2.0 ~ link

Follow the Money/Madoff/Mossad/AIG and 9/11 ~ link

UK police now using spy camera police cars ~ link ~ No end to 'Big Brother' police crap in the United Kingdom, as the UK is used as a test bed by the Illuminati. Getting ready for their intended global police slave state.

Segway and GM plan mini-vehicle ~ link

Largest Landowner on Earth ~ link ~ This article says Queen Elizabeth II is the largest landowner on Earth and worth trillions of UK pounds. Sorry, but the author is confused by the difference between Crown and Queen. Actually, the first Earl of Stirling was the largest landowner on Earth, apart from crowned heads of state, via his ownership of most of Canada and several northwestern American states in the 1600s; but only by this same rather confused standard.

Cheney still a 'supreme operator' in USA ~ link

The Atlantic: The Quite Coup ~ link

London: Thousands of Tamil protesters lay siege to Parliament ~ link

Bernanke's Financial Rescue Plan: The growing prospects of a US default ~ link

Violent protesters storm Moldovan Parliament ~ link

International Committee of the Red Cross: CIA detainee treatment inhuman ~ link ~ Bush and Cheney should face international human rights charges.

Rare two-seat WWII Spitfire fighter up for auction ~ link ~ One Sunday morning in southern England, a Spitfire flew low overhead - for just a second I thought I was back in WWII. The Spitfire was a great airplane.

Prince of Wales opposes ugly modern housing scheme in London backed by Qatar Royal Family ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Prince Charles has a good understanding of British architecture and what looks good in London; something the architects of the proposed buildings do not.

The Dark Side of Dubai ~ link

18 year old media ban on media coverage of fallen US troops returning home comes to an end ~ link

Sir Allen Stanford on charges: 'It's baloney, baloney, baloney' ~ link

US Congress: Ready to legalize 'payday loans' with 391% interest rates ~ link ~ The best Congress that money can buy. Really - what total scumbags to allow some thieves to charge poor people interest rates of almost 400%.

New daily pill halts Alzheimer's Disease ~ link

Italian Quake: 150 dead, 1500 injured, thousands homeless ~ link

Vatican: Knights Templar hid the Holy Shroud of Turin ~ link ~ This is interesting information as it explains where the Shroud was for a hundred year or so period that historians could only speculate on before. I know a number of the scientists and historians involved in Shroud research. I have no doubt in my mind that the Shroud is actually the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

Soros: Banks are 'Basically Insolvent' - US recovery is far off ~ link

Reflections: "The Mind Managers" ~ link ~ Most interesting! "The flow of information in a complex society is a source of unparalleled power."

The psychiatrists who programmed the 'Sleepers' are being killed ~ link ~ Strange article, but interesting in light of several recent mass murders/shootings.

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