Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Special Post

The taking office today (31 March 2009) of Bibi Netanyahu will go down as a very dark day in history. This evil man, known as Mr. Iran in Israel, is determined to continue the NeoCon agenda and to attack Iran. This will trigger a major regional war - a general Middle Eastern war - involving weapons of mass destruction on both sides. The Iranians have spent billions and the last 18 years developing Advanced Biological Warfare. They have the ability to spread many dozens of man made viruses throughout Israel, Europe, and North America in the event of a massive attack against them by Israel and/or America. This is a MAD counter-force, that is a mutually assured destruction counter-force, that is a last ditch "you kill us we kill you" response to a all-out strike.

The Iranian counter-strike is apt to kill up to a third of mankind throughout the world. Of course, Iran will be totally destroyed in return. The effects of such a horrific war, with massive deaths in Russia and China as well as throughout the world is almost certain to trigger the Third World War that the Illuminati want to complete their End Game in the establishment of a global world government owned and ruled by their small "elite".

The world cannot survive the effects of Twenty-first Century warfare without the direct intervention of God. Therefore the advent of WWIII is apt to be the advent of the Biblical Armageddon. Future historians will see Netanyahu as the Anti-Christ if he continues with his strategy.


Anonymous said...

I simply don't believe we're going to see the biblical armageddon war soon, and Netanyahu being the antichrist can't be true, because we haven't yet seen the 7 year peace coventant, where is the third jewish temple, that should exist halfway into the last 7 years. It doesn't fit the teachings of the bible. Personally, I think that what we're going to see, if events really result in war, is the unfolding of the Ezekiel war, aka. the Gog Magog war. A war which includes Russia/Turkey, Iran + several other islamic nations. And god himself will intervene to save Israel....What do you think of this theory? Thanks for your interesting blog. Best regards from DK, Europe.

Lord Stirling said...

The Third Jewish Temple is the modern state of Israel, it has been referred to as that by at least one Israeli Prime Minister. We have had the seven year Tribulation 9/11/01 - 9/11/08.