Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Special Links

World Depression: Regional Wars and the Decline of US Empire by Professor James Petras ~ link ~ An excellent article. My only objections are the good professor dances around 'naming' the Anglo-American capitalist elite and giving any view of their long-term operations and end game. If you have any hope of the economy turning around this will dash any and all hopes.

Another article that should be read with the above is: Geithner's Dirty Little Secret ~ link

I always have a problem with people in charge who simply cannot see that which is right before their eyes. Usually it means that there is a hidden agenda. In the current case, the hidden agenda is the Illuminati End Game using the usual methodology: thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis.

The thesis was the off sourcing of the industrial base from America and Europe to China and other Third World nations, the ending of laws designed to protect us from another Great Depression and the lax enforcement of other laws, and specific governmental steps taken in America, Europe and elsewhere to encourage the 'paper economy' and False Flag attacks to create two long drawn out hyper expensive wars.

The anti-thesis is the current "economic/financial crisis"/new Great Depression and the counter-productive steps to "control" it being undertaken by the Obama Administration and others.

The synthesis will be the "solution" to the current problems that the Illuminati puppets will present to us. This will also come at a time of a regional war in the Middle East turning into a new global war - World War III. The intended end result will be a world that will have a fraction of the existing population, that will be controlled totally by very advanced high technology based police state methodology, and will be totally owned and controlled by the super-elite - the Illuminati.

Of course, the Illuminati, as Satan's agents are subject to his totally evil nature. He is "father of all lies" and his minions are being lied to. Instead of controlling the world they will end up in Hell because the technology of mass destruction of the early 21'st Century will not allow the human race to survive a Third World War without the direct intervention of God. This will take place by the Second Coming of Christ after the Illuminati gets its WWIII underway. Jesus Christ will usher in a new age, a New World, and a New Heaven and Satan will be bound and cast into the bottomless pit for a 'thousand years'.

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