Saturday, March 7, 2009

Special Link

Conspiracy to provoke a Bird Flu Pandemic ~ link ~ I spoke about this on Friday's radio interview. The contamination of human flu vaccine, and its distribution to at least 18 nations, was not and could have not been an accident. A very powerful group was behind this and another powerful group derailed it at the last minute and made sure that it was covered in the mainstream news media. This is a very very bad sign. It is indicative of the fact that the Illuminati are moving into their final phase of the End Game to establish a global one-world slave government along with RFID chips/Mark of the Beast and a massive 'thinning of the herd'/mass murder of a few billion of us in the very near future. Everyone should have as much food (canned and freeze dried) as possible stored up, plus water, Rx, and assorted items to survive over the next several months. It will be necessary for your freedom and survival to self-quarantine. Get ready folks, the dark evil is getting very near.

Yours in Christ,



Anonymous said...

I hope that this does not happen but reading your blog nearly everyday has given me a detailed list of a very bleak picture for humanity. You have been a great source of info but I am now interested in this other powerful group who stopped the bird flu epidemic. Who are they and do you think that someone somewhere is actually looking out for the little guy? I can only hope there is still some good in this world!

Steve said...

You are absolutely right. People should not view this as just another news "blip". This was attempted mass murder!
I have accumulated about 3 months of food and water for my family since November, but I believe it is not nearly enough - we're going shopping again!
They failed on this attempt, but know that there is a plan B, C, D...

Lord Stirling said...

Thanks to Ananymous and Steve for their comments. In response to Ananymous: There are many wealthy and powerful persons who are very concerned with what the highly satanic NeoCons/Illuminati are up to. It is hard to nail specifics down, as often much effort is make by certain people/forces to stay in the background. Unleashing a H5N1 pandemic and/or causing a WMD-based WWIII is so crazy that many who have the most to lose don't want anything to do with such craziness. This is not the same as looking out for the little guy; more like self-interest as WWIII could end up destroying human life (or most of it) and our modern technology based civilization. There is still much good in this world and never forget that ultimately God is in change. If we are in the Biblical Endtime, as I believe we are, we will soon see the return of Christ and a New World based on peace and God not satan.

In the meantime, stock up on food and don't let anyone "chip" you. Be ready for some very intense and unusual events this year.

Yours in Christ,

Tim Earl of Stirling