Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Gordon Brown tells bankers to stop behaving recklessly ~ link ~ Senior fox tells foxes to stop behaving recklessly by raiding hen houses during raid on hen house. I do wonder if people, like Illuminati puppet Gordon, sits back at the end of the day, with drink in hand, and has a good laugh at the BS they dished out during the day.

Sarkozy threatens to walk out of G20 summit if "tougher financial regulations are not met" ~ link ~ Nice 'smoke and mirrors' Nicolas but we all know you are in serious trouble with the French people and we know that you have always been and will remain a NewCon Illuminati puppet.

Japan, US, and South Korea move warships into offensive positions ~ link ~ What concerns me about this missile test and the response of Japan/USA/SKorea is that it could trigger a massive regional war on the Korean peninsula that could kill millions there. Such a war could be brief (if America's weapons, including, classified ones, are quickly brought into use) or drawn out. The massive loss of life could be packaged in such a way that much of the public would feel it necessary to "go after Iran before it can launch another crazy war". This is a possible reason for Obama's Administration to take steps leading to war. The North Koreans may have designed a death trap for themselves. They have repeatedly said that any shoot-down of their missile means war. If it is shot down they will have to act or 'lose face', not something their crazy leadership is apt to allow. Also see: North Korea threatens war against Japan if North Korean missile is shot down ~ link

Stop arming Israel ~ link ~ This article makes a good point, but the chances of it happening are less than zero. The "bought and paid for" US Congress is totally bought off by Israel and its fund raising/lobbying arms in America. Every few years they demonstrate their power by defeating a Congressman/woman, who has opposed funding Israel, in their own district's primary as a warning to all others not to make the same mistake. Israel has sufficient military power to defeat all Iran and all Arab states and a large part of Europe as well. America has spent over twice as much on Israel as it has on the space program.

US home prices drop worst than expected - 19% in January ~ link

Why the End of America is Closer than You Think ~ link ~ Stories like this remind me of the comment one of Israel's top generals made to me about 21 years ago, that "America is a very rich nation and it will take a lot to bring her down".

China and Russia cooperate on new reserve currency proposal ~ link ~ When and if this comes about, the US Dollar will go into massive free fall and true hyperinflation will set in as the cost of almost everything Americans use dramatically increases in price.

China takes center stage ~ link ~ This reminds me of Napoleon's warning, "China is a sleeping giant, let it sleep for when it awakens the world will tremble."

Vice-Chairman of US Joint Chief of Staff: US will work hard to rebuild Georgia military ~ link ~ This is so insane. Georgia with funding by the Bush Administration, and using Israeli arms and commandos, began the recent Georgia-South Ossetia War by killing a large number of unarmed Russian civilians in their homes. Anyone that believes that Obama has brought "CHANGE" into American foreign and military policy is sadly mistaken. NeoCon puppet Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili (that crazy man who eats his tie in public) had better remember that Putin came close to doing what he threatened to during the last war - "hang Saakashvili by his balls" - and will certainly finish the job if there is another war. See also ~ link

Pentagon has spent $687.5 billion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and on the "war on terror" since the False Flag 9/11 events ~ link ~ There were several objectives to the False Flag attacks on 9/11. The 'war on terror' was the brainchild of Bibi Netanyahu, who today returns as Israeli Prime Minister. He wanted to get America and as much of the world as possible to fight any and all possible enemies of Israel (not necessarily real enemies of Israel's right to exist, but those that would oppose absolute Israeli domination of the Middle East). Another objective of the False Flag attacks was greed and profit by the NeoCons and the Military-Industrial Complex and they have succeeded with truly massive profits from the boondoggle of two long running wars. Another objective was setting America, and through America the world, up for a global economic meltdown (this also required much in the way of other efforts - see the 'Special Link' article today for a history of this) as a key step in the Illuminati long term goal of a one world currency and one world economic control organization (world government in all but name), further to which they also plan a new global/world war and the 'war on terror' will roll over into this soon.

US banks operating without reserve requirements ~ link


Anonymous said...

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Rodman said...

I just learned some details about PressTV - I did not know it was Iranian-funded - any issue w/ that Lord Stirling?


Rodman from Philadelphia

Lord Stirling said...

PressTV is Iranian and I have identified it as that at least once on my site. I use right-wing, left-wing, moderate, etc. sources for links. On the Middle East I use Israeli, Arab, and Iranian sources. My readers tend to be intelligent and have the good sense to take what they read with a grain of salt. One of my uncles taught me as a child a key lesson, 'you can learn something from anyone and everyone'.

Rodman said...

Agreed - thanks for the response - keep up the good blogging :)