Sunday, March 29, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Bishop disagrees with the Pope on condom use and AIDS ~ link ~ I have to say I agree with the Bishop.

Obama's involvement in setting up the Chicago Climate Exchange ~ link ~ There is always climate change. What is happening now is some political scumbags are setting up a carbon credit trading scam, where they sell nothing for lots of money on the premise that human activity is the sole force driving climate change. The ignore that thing that rises in the East every morning and sets in the West every evening. The Sun's level of energy is not constant and it, not man, is the main force for climate change. But why let a little thing like truth get in the way of a good scam....right, Al Gore.

Tikkun: The Ruse of Israel's New Government by Uri Avnery ~ link ~ I like Tukkun and their hopes/efforts for a real peace in the Middle East. I write and link articles about Israel so often, not out of any kind of hate for Israel (I do not believe in hate), but because it is one of the very hottest spots on Earth. A region that could very easily ignite the Third World War. There are voices in Israel, Jewish voices, that want their people to survive but in the process want a real peace with their neighbors. Sad to say, it is the voices of hate and extremism that are making the most noise and commanding the most attention. The new government of Netanyahu is apt to plunge the world into the worst nightmare of its history.

Total Meltdown and Civil Unrest: Wall Street's Manipulated Stock Market Rally ~ link ~ The global banking families and their Illuminati organization are in their End Game. They have worked for over 200 years to gather all power and wealth into their hands and the new Great Depression 2.0 (which is still fairly 'early stage' at this point in time) and the violence of war (regional war and the Third World War) are the key engines in this End Game. They organize bubbles, stock market crashes, recessions, depressions, the Cold War, and multiple wars including global/world wars to socially/economically/politically/militarily engineer the world in the direction that they want.

North Korea is preparing for a follow-on second new missile test - after the first one this coming week ~ link ~ This coming week will see the installment of Netanyahu in power and that will herald a new most horrible period of human history. It is possible that the North Korean launches might ignite a very nasty regional war. It really depends on wither or not the powers that be want a diversion from the Depression and Middle East, a diversion that they can spin in a way that will line up support for a "preventive war" against Iran using the horrors of the "Second Korean War" as the "engine" to drive public support their way. Who knows, time will tell soon.

Massive Cyber Spy network in China has hacked into private and government files in at least 103 nations ~ link ~ There is no real on-line security or any real security with phone conversations. Cell phones can be turned on without the knowledge of the owners and used as electronic bugs. The powers-that-be are doing their best to create a high tech police state for us all. However, their time is short and at the end of the day all their efforts will be for nothing.

British MP George Galloway was barred from Canada under the unknown Israeli - Canadian "Public Security" Agreement ~ link ~ So Canada, like America (and the UK, France, Germany, etc.), is suffering from a case of the "tail wagging the dog".

US Army says Israel has from 200 to 400 nuclear weapons ~ link ~ Actually I would put the total more like 600 to 700 nuclear weapons. Israel, and the United States and Germany, a number of years ago developed a laser enrichment process that means they can be making far more nuclear weapons grade material, and in secret, than most people suspect.

Incest Survivor Exposed Illuminati Satanists by Henry Makow, Ph.D. ~ link ~ I like Henry's writings. You have to understand his background and read his comments to get a real understanding of where he is coming from. His background is Jewish and he often writes about the Jewish side of the Illuminati but he makes it clear that the Illuminati are just a small but very powerful group that use Jewish connections at times. Many powerful Illuminati are NOT Jewish and the Illuminati are not about Jews, they are all about satanism and that is the key to understanding them and where they have led the world to in the past 200+ years and where they are taking us to now. However, they are about to overreach and that will end the Era with the Second Coming of Christ, and end their decay and involvement with the affairs of mankind for a very long time. When I look at George Bush II and the obvious psychological problems that he has and had in the past it appears to me that his childhood must have been VERY SICK - something like what the article describes.

The Race To Financial Safety Is Now On ~ link ~ Time is running short. You need to have some gold, silver, food, water, medicine, and everyday requirements stored up. Do NOT count on your political "leaders" to save you.

Do you remember when? ~ link ~ Something for old timers like me.

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