Saturday, March 28, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Spanish court may be opening a criminal investigation into several high level Bush Administration officials re: torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay ~ link ~
The laws of a number of nations (including America) claim universal jurisdiction in matters of human rights and allow for all governmental immunities to be pierced. This will make things interesting for George Bush, Dick Cheney and their merry gang of thieves and murders.

US Congressman Ron Paul: Is there any gold in Fort Knox and if there is, who owns it ~ link ~ I think Ron Paul is one of the few real Americans in Congress....most of the rest are simply whores.

Pictures of the North Korean launch pad ~ link

That's no angry mob - it's a movement ~ link ~ The creation of the 'corporate state' - where Obama and Geithner are taking America.

Jack Straw and Gordon Brown kill off bill to have ended rules of male primogeniture (male only or male first) with regards to succession to the throne and also No-Catholic rule ~ link ~ The article is clear that both say one thing on these issues and then do the opposite. I could have told them that. I have tried to get the succession rules to my titles changed so that male primogeniture would not be followed. In spite of official Labour Party policy and international treaty obligations, they will not allow the changes from a sexist rule based succession to a non-sexist rule based succession and I have been in direct and personal contact with Jack Straw on this issue.

Who is arming the Mexican Drug Cartels ~ link ~ This is a good article. It points out that many in the news media are trying to blame the law abiding gun owning American public for the drug monsters in Mexico having firearms. This is totally bogus. It is always a matter of concern that some powerful forces so desperately want to disarm the citizens. Makes you wonder just what they have planned.

Secret Bush memos: Possible massive military takeover of USA was planned ~ link

Sarkozy threatens Andorra to quit as Co-Prince of Andorra ~ link ~ It is interesting how the NeoCons have jumped on the no bank secrecy bandwagon. It is part of the growing all knowing global police state that they are working to establish.

The Dance of the Trillions ~ link ~ The current "crisis" is all planned.

Japan ready to blast North Korean missile ~ link ~ North Korea says this would mean war. I don't think this will lead to war but it could.

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