Friday, March 27, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Thanks to Dr. Bill Deagle of NutriMedical Report for another most interesting interview on his national radio talk show. I will be interviewed new Friday on his show ~ link

Japan has ordered its military forces to shoot down any North Korean missile ~ link ~ Most likely, events will NOT result in a new Korean War, however, with the insane satanic North Korean government anything is possible.

Israel expects a 'blank check' from President Obama ~ link ~ And why not - they were behind him from the 'get-go' and their dual nationals are his closest advisers (handlers). The world had better wake up to the fact that a General Middle East war is coming this summer and it is highly likely to become the Third World War/Armageddon.

Israeli Prime Minister: Israel operates globally against "terror" ~ link ~ This tiny little nation, that requires billions of US taxpayer money every year to survive, "operates globally"! And we all know that "terror" is just so much BS for empowering multiple wars to further the goals of the NeoCons/Illuminati and Israeli extremists

Gordon Brown's Cabinet expected to approve another 2,000 British troops for Afghanistan War ~ link ~ The NeoCon puppets just love war. Their Illuminati masters see war as a great income generator and social/political/economic engineering tool. That many people die and others are horribly injured is a 'side benefit' for these satanic monsters.

Ukraine Prime Minister Tymoshenko vows no foreign debt default ~ link ~ Europe is in increasing trouble. The Eastern European nations, still fighting their way out of the long lasting effects of communism are economically weak and several are in very bad shape. In Western Europe, Iceland and Ireland are the worse off but the United Kingdom also shows signs of coming collapse.

US Navy destroyers - capable of shooting down ballistic missiles - are on the move in and near the Sea of Japan as North Korea readies missile launch ~ link ~ The North Koreans are a totally insane satanic society ruled by a sick hereditary dictator. They crave the world's attention and economic support for a system that simply does not and cannot work. The question is: what will America and Japan really do about the coming launch, and if action is taken, will the North Koreans go ballistic and begin a new Korean War? Also see: Obama Administration warns North Korea on coming missile launch ~ link

US Intelligence Chief: No global recovery yet ~ link ~ We are still 'early stage' into the Great Depression 2.0/global nightmare.

Obama: New strategic goal for Afghanistan War - Defeat 'al Queda' ~ link ~ This is so sad. It shows just what a lying puppet President Obama really is. There is no "al Queda". In Arabic slang it means "little toilet", not a name that anyone would use for their political/military organization. The "al Queda" that we know is totally the creation of NeoCons/CIA/Mossad; just as the 9/11 Attacks were false-flag operations as well as the British 7/7 Attack, etc. The persons controlling Obama (he has several dual nationals with Israeli citizenship as his closest "advisers"/handlers) will not let him stop the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq and they will make sure that he supports Netanyahu's coming war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon/etc., which almost certainly will cause the Third World War and the deaths of most people reading this.

Vermont's independent US Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a single-payer health care reform bill ~
link ~ The American health care system is a corrupt bloated ripoff that is the laughing stock of the developed world. Things began to go seriously wrong under President Johnson and have gotten nothing but worse. The introduction of legalized bribery in Congress, with PACs, and no spending limits or effective public funding of elections along with totally insecure computerized voting, has meant that the major pharmaceutical firms and others in the health care industry have had a field day in ripping off the American public (and killing many who might otherwise have been saved if we had a effective health care system). The public has almost no input into what Congress does or does not do, but the health care industry has effective total control over Federal legislation over health matters.

UN and IMF back agenda for new global currency and global financial dictatorship ~ link ~ This is a key goal of the Illuminati and one of the real reasons that we are in a new Great Depression. They primarily use the Hellenic Dialectic: Thesis - Anti-thesis - Synthesis to social/economically/politically engineer the world. The Thesis is the greed and uncontrolled excesses of the past couple of decades; Anti-thesis is the current Great Depression 2.0; Synthesis is one world currency and economic "government" (a global government in all but name) established and controlled by the Illuminati global banking families.

Banks will be allowed to make up values for their assets under new rule ~ link ~ This is a rather large platinum coffin nail for the American and global economies.

NYU Economist Nouriel Roubini (who successfully predicted current economic collapse): Stocks will drop and major banks will go belly-up ~ link

US Senator Arlen Specter leading the way for a Republican Party resurrection ~ link ~ This evil bastard should be in prison for being a after-the-fact co-conspirator in the assassination of President Kennedy. He came up with the totally unreal 'magic bullet' theory when he was working for the Warren Commission. The murder of President Kennedy was one of the key events of the 20th Century that allowed much of the evil that has come afterwards to happen.

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