Thursday, March 26, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

The Feasibility of Closing the US Border with Mexico ~ link ~ The flow of illegal drugs is a key source of income to the Illuminati and a key part of their social re-engineering plan. They intend to allow this flow to continue - of course, there are always drug busts to show that we are fighting the "War on Drugs".

Iridium has replaced the operational Iridium satellite lost in a collision 3 weeks ago without any system down time ~
link ~ I use to know a very senior person at Iridium back when it was being established; I do not believe that this collision was an accident.

Don't Mention The War - Australian PM Rudd and American President Obama ~ link ~ Notice how the 'front men' change but the wars just keep on going.

The new Great Game or the Long War across Europe and Asia ~ link ~ The Rothschilds and allied families are the ones making the most off of the energy business. The Illuminati forces make sure that zero-point energy, H2O powered engines, etc., never see the light of day and remain suppressed technologies so that they can keep the flow of money/power from the global energy business coming in. The deaths of large numbers of people in unnecessary wars mean nothing to them.

Paul Craig Roberts - former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury: Is the Bailout Plan Breeding a Greater Crisis? ~ link

Top Canadian soldier's farewell cost Canadian taxpayers C$270,000 ~ link ~
A couple of Christmas's ago, when the Canadians were running the war in Afghanistan, they would not allow the Governor-General to visit Canadian troops at Christmas as they felt it was simply too dangerous. I offered to go in her place but General Hillier would not let me either, feeling it was too dangerous. He went instead and served Christmas dinner to the troops on the front line. So let the man have his send off.

Is a global super-currency on the agenda? ~ link ~ This is a major goal of the Illuminati.

North Korea readies a Taepo-dong 2 long range missile for launch ~ link ~ The nuts in North Korea want more attention.

Israeli Air Force in January bombed Sudan - took out a arms smugglers convoy ~ link ~ Also see: Israel send a message to Iran in bombing Sudan ~ link

Let us Prey - Wall Street's corruption has toppled the most exalted occupation in the land - CEO ~ link

Tim Geithner to propose large expansion of US oversight of financial system ~ link

Vatican official chides US bishops on abortion - on allowing politicians who support abortion to receive Holy Communion ~ link

Obama and the neocon Middle East war agenda ~ link

US Congress approves landmark conservation bill ~ link

Collection of videos and information on WMD protection bunkers ~ link

Gordon Brown's position 'terribly fragile' after British bond auction failure ~ link

Brown forced to back off tax cuts due to mountain of debt ~ link

Bibi's gambit: 'economic peace' with the Palestinians ~ link

Labor Party joins Bibi coalition as evidence of war crimes in Gaza War mounts ~ link

Japan: US policy on India threatens to ignite nuclear arms race ~ link ~ The US policy on India is a policy imposed on America by Israel (because Pakistan has nuclear weapons and is Muslin) and makes little good strategic sense.

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