Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Some granite countertops release significant amounts of cancer causing radon gas ~ link

80 Year old man to be ordained a Catholic priest ~ link

Steve Vaus re-records anthem "We Must Take America Back" ~ link

Why the End of America Is Closer Than You Think ~ link

Daniel Hannan, MEP, guts Gordon Brown at EU Parliament - video ~ link ~ Wow, this is a great public gutting of that NeoCon crook Gordon Brown; great video.

Darfur: Over one million people at risk ~ link

Central America nations becoming more violent that Mexico ~ link

US Congress reaffirms American commitment to Taiwan ~ link

Obama says NO to single world currency ~ link

Home of Sir Fred Goodwin (ex-chief of Royal Bank of Scotland) vandalized by group called 'Bank Bosses Are Criminals' ~ link ~ This shows just how really pissed off the public is over these crooks.

Australia's Prime Minister Rudd: American dollar will remain as international reserve currency ~ link

Bibi and Lieberman 'struck secret deal' for massive West Bank construction ~ link

How Netanyahu struck deal with Labor Party ~ link

Boost for Bibi Netanyahu - Labor Party votes to join his government ~ link

Bibi to present his government next week ~ link ~ A government made up of warhawks and nuts. Ehud Barak, who just brought his Labor Party into the government, will remain as Defense Minister. He is the Defense Minister that presided over the Gaza War with all of its war crimes.

European Central Bank will not join rush to print money ~ link

Governor of the Bank of England warns Brown UK cannot afford a second economic stimulus ~ link

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