Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Israeli Labor Party to join Netanyahu Government ~ link ~ Barak is strongly in favor of 'action to handle Iran'.

Czech Parliament oust Government ~ link

Two paintings of a nude Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach) involved in police inquiry ~ link

Our Long War Generals ~ link

Japanese 93-year old man certified as double A-bomb victim ~ link

Labor could join Bibi coalition ~ link
Also see: Labor Party deal reached ~ link
Also see: Bibi make Barak an offer he couldn't refuse ~ link

Sweden says no to saving auto manufacture Saab ~ link

Jewish extremist march provokes clash with Arabs in Israel ~ link ~ We always hear about Arab extremists, and there are plenty of these, but the mainstream news media says little about the Israel Jewish extremists. Since the Israeli extremists have a large impact on the government, and in the new Netanyahu government will hold key positions they are very dangerous. The Middle East is the power keg that can start the Third World War.

Putin: Russia will start reviewing its relations with EU if Moscow's interests are ignored ~ link

Obama Administration to ask Congress for broad new powers to seize non-bank financial companies ~ link

Obama and Biden met with Gorbechev in secret last week ~ link

UK Government warns of nuclear-chemical-biological terror threat ~ link ~ These NeoCons just love to scare the public about non-existent terror threats. Almost all terror attacks involved false flag operations by governmental intelligence agencies. The real nuclear-chemical-biological threat comes from a General Middle Eastern War, especially if that war turns into World War III (as it is highly likely to).

French Prime Minister warns against creating a public debt bubble (like the USA has created) ~ link

PM Gordon Brown continues to push for a worldwide deal on the economy ~ link ~ You can count on the fact that this Illuminati mouthpiece will not be working for the interests of 99.9999% of the human race; he is a puppet working for the global banking families.

China confirms plans to build its own aircraft carrier ~ link

Are the Jacobins at the gates of Wall Street? ~ link

German Chancellor: It will take ten years to rebuild Germany's unique economy ~ link

Nicolas Sarkozy ridiculed for his poor French ~ link

Obama Administration lays out US-Mexican border strategy ~ link

Japan may spend 10 trillion Yen (US$ 104 billion) on next stimulus package as Japan heads for worst economic crisis since WWII ~ link

80 dolphins and whales stranded in Australia ~ link

Toyota global auto production plunged by almost 50% in February ~ link

Fighting in Kashmir between Indian troops and separatists takes 19 lives ~ link

Key US Congresswoman: Iran "threat" has been exaggerated ~ link

China calls for new world reserve currency ~ link

Cold fusion breakthrough ~ link

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