Monday, March 23, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Senior IDF general confirms Bibi Netanyahu war plans for general Middle East war ~ link ~ This insane satanic puppet will bring World War III upon the human race this summer!

Judgment Day for Tim Geithner ~ link

Haaretz: IDF killed 16 medics/wounded 25/attacked 34 medical facilities (including 8 hospitals) during Gaza War ~ link ~ That is just unacceptable behavior. It is reflective of a belief, among some Israeli extremists, that non-Jews are soulless two-legged animals. That type of crap has no place in the 21st Century.

Swiss Minister returns his chauffeur driven Mercedes over spat with Germany on anti-tax haven efforts ~ link

Israeli Deputy Defense Minister calls for new Gaza invasion ~ link

Home invasions in Tuscon, Arizona (over 200 last year) seen as Mexican drug cartel spillover in USA ~ link

Olmert warns Netanyahu over world's isolation if Israel if he does not agree to a two state solution ~ link

FBI investigating lobbying firm ~ link

Legislators criticize UK police over handling demonstrators - G20 meeting in London next week ~ link

France: Proposed law to curb executive bonuses ~ link ~ Good!

Russia beckons overseas Russians home as population falls ~ link

Gordon Brown planning global scrutiny of offshore tax havens ~ link ~ More NeoCon efforts to know everything about everyone so they can control everyone on earth in the coming New World Order.

Bibi signs deal with Shas Party ~ link

Gordon Brown: Enduring al-Qaida threat to the United Kingdom ~ link ~ More NeoCon bullshit. Al-Qaida means "little toilet" in Arab slang, it is not a name a real organization would ever use. Al-Qaida is the creation and puppet of the American CIA and Israeli Mossed. When a politician like Brown mouths this type of trash he is showing his total contempt for the intelligence of the public.

Clinton to meet with Mexican President over trade and ongoing drug war ~ link

Rising deficits and debt erode confidence in US ~ link

Quite revolution in Muslin world ~ link

Pentagon upset at Chinese "increasingly aggressive conduct" in South China Sea ~ link

North Korea to close some air routes April 4-8 for planned missile launch ~ link

China's Panchen Lama praises Beijing ~ link ~ Chinese appointed puppet sings for his masters.

Obama Administration to publish three Bush-era memos on torture methods ~ link ~ The Bush criminals should be brought to justice.

Outflow of foreign capital from USA hits record $148.9 billion in January ~ link

US warship enters the Black Sea ~ link

US Defense Sec. Gates 'against' the military-industrial complex ~ link ~ My Global Reach Warfare Concept would allow a very large reduction of US military bases abroad while expanding US power.

Dalai Lama's Government-in-exile releases new video of torture of Tibetan monks by Chinese security forces ~ link

American deficit will hit $1.845 TRILLION - biggest percentage of the economy since the last year of WWII ~ link ~ That is a massive amount of platinum coffin nails for the American economy.

Russia is establishing military bases in South Ossetia and Abkhazia ~ link

Obama's many promises falling by the wayside ~ link

Iran and Russia could build joint nuclear plants ~ link

Obama says US must have an Afghanistan exit plan ~ link ~ How about: GET OUT NOW!

China will continue with US debt purchases ~ link ~ Delaying the funeral to purchase more platinum coffin nails for the American economy.

Russia is unhappy with NATO security role in Europe says Foreign Minister ~ link

Taliban commander killed along with 9 others by NATO ~ link

Senator Judd Gregg: Obama budget will bankrupt USA ~ link

Russia doubles orders of very advanced S-400 air defense missile systems ~ link

Treasury Secretary aids worked with AIG for months on bonuses ~ link ~ The Treasury Secretary needs to be fired!

US Treasury toxic asset plans could cost US taxpayers $1 TRILLION ~ link
~ That's a whole lot of platinum coffin nails for the American and world economies.

60 Minutes television interviewer asks President Obama: "Are you punch-drunk" ~ link ~ No, he just does not really care. He is a 'front man' enjoying the perks of being President.

South Africa bars the Dalai Lama from peace conference in Johannesburg ~ link

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Anonymous said...

Israel is planning an all out war against Ira, Syria and Lebanon

Worldwar 3 is near.

You should stockpile food, water, medicine and other useful items.

The war might begin on the Friday before Easter.