Friday, March 20, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

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I have been asked by readers what they should do to prepare for a possible World War and for ever worsening economic conditions. I have a private direct one-on-one service for advice. The cost is US$100 for a half hour. 'ETHER' hosts the service and the contact information is above.

Bibi's coalition fated to clash with US ~ link ~ The real question is will Obama have the balls to stop Netanyahu from beginning a war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon, a war that will involve nuclear/chemical/advanced biological WMD and likely begin the Third World War. The answer, I fear is NO.

Bonuses beyond belief ~ link ~ See my article 'Hang the Bastards' ~ link

Brown hopes dashed by US/EU split over stimulus ~ link

Russia now has 60 active submarines in Navy fleet ~ link

Rapid declines in manufacturing causes global anxiety ~ link

Gordon Brown was complacent over banking collapse ~ link ~ And why not? He is after all, just a puppet for the Rothschilds and other global banking families/Illuminati forces. They organized/planned/created/control the ever expanding Great Depression 2.0., and they are profiting from it in the trillions of dollars - at our expense, of course.

Violence on French streets as millions protest Sarkozy's handling of economic crisis ~ link ~ Oh yes, it is going to be a very hot spring and summer.

Record numbers of French join anti-Sarkozy protests ~ link

NeoCon Sarkozy fears revolt as two million Frenchmen march across France ~ link

The Grim Mood behind France's banners ~ link

Madoff - The Story Behind the Story ~ link

Paul Craig Roberts: Was the Bailout Itself a Scam? ~ link ~ YES.

Eliot Spitzer: The Real AIG Scandal. It's not the bonuses. It's that AIG counterparties are getting paid back in full. ~ link ~ Resulting in many billions of platinum coffin nails for the American and World economy.

British antiwar MP George Galloway is banned from Canada ~ link ~ I generally do not make political comments on Canada because of the old honorific hereditary Canadian Great Offices-of-state that I hold, but this is simply too much. To ban a British Member of Parliament due to his antiwar objections to Afghanistan and Iraqi wars is against Canadian principles and is outright shameful.

Ancient and rare Scottish 'Baron' title linked to Camelot for sale at about US$1.5 million ~ link

Russian warplanes again fly low over US Navy supercarrier and other USN ships ~ link

April 15/Tax Day 'tea parties' expected to number over 1,000 ~ link

Putin: Warns against just printing money to cover deficit ~ link

The Real AIG Conspiracy ~ link

Obama is considering a NASA - Pentagon merger ~ link

Is this the end of America ~ link

NeoCon Sarkozy under pressure as millions of French take to the streets over his handling of the economic crisis ~ link ~ We will be seeing more of this throughout the world in the months to come.

Citigroup after receiving $45 BILLION of taxpayers money is considering spending $10 million on a new office for its CEO ~ link ~ You cannot make this up. The arrogance of these bastards knows no bounds.

Study: An Israeli air strike on Iranian nuclear facilities ~ link

"Getting Tough" with predator financial institutions ~ link

Bibi asks for two more weeks to form government in Israel ~ link

Two US Navy warships - a nuclear sub and an amphibious warfare ship - have collided in the Strait of Hormuz ~ link

Preparing for civil unrest in USA - legislation to establish interment camps on US military bases ~ link

Private Equity: A new capitalist mutation ~ link

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