Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

US Federal Reserve - acting as the World's Central Bank - injecting billions into foreign central banks ~ link

Democrats and White House backpedaling on AIG ~ link

As criticism mounts Vatican defends Pope's condoms stand ~ link

More US federal agents rushed to Mexican border to quell drug violence ~ link

Former President Jimmy Carter visits White House ~ link ~ I have spoken to President Carter a few times and I really respect him.

Japan ready to defend against North Korean missile launch ~ link

German Chancellor Merkel calls for raids on homes of registered gun owners ~ link ~ The NeoCons just don't want the public to have any means to defend themselves. Why is that?!!

Jack Straw scraps plans for 'Big Brother' database in the United Kingdom ~ link ~ I take back some - ok a small part - of what I said about Jack.

Famed Ukrainian mystic Josyp Terelya dies in Toronto ~ link

Bibi makes last ditch effort to woo Labor ~ link ~ The other two major parties want nothing to do with Netanyahu and his crazy partners.

Hedge funds to benefit from government funding for AIG ~ link

Assad says Olmert agreed to give up all of the Golan Heights - Israel's starting of the Gaza War ended peace hopes and exasperated Turkey who was mediating between Syria and Israel ~ link

Who's calling the shots now: The death of the American Empire ~ link

France to double arms spending in 2009 ~ link

UN General Assembly President accuses America of demonizing Iran ~ link

Obama weighs expanded covert war in Pakistan ~ link ~ Israel wants Pakistan destroyed. The Paks are Muslins and have nuclear weapons. The puppet masters are pulling Obama's strings on this one without much care about the dangers it poses to the world.

Israeli armed forces ordered to devise Iran War strategy/plans ~ link

The real AIG Conspiracy ~ link

Banned hyperlinks could cost you A$11,000/day ~ link ~ The hidden powers that be cannot stand the truth and intend to "control" the Internet. This is one small step in that direction.

The other 900 pound gorilla in the living rooms of America - pro-Israeli PAC NORPAC ~
link ~ About 35 years ago bribery was legalized in America by allowing PACs. What money that had been going 'under the table' now went 'on top of the table'. This along with no real limits on campaign spending and campaign costs effectively ended the ability of the average American to influence Congress. The average Congressman has to raise over $40,000 per day that he/she is in Washington. Even the best looking whores in the world cannot make that much money selling themselves but American Congressmen and Senators can and do. That a foreign nation can and does play this game is even more shocking. This is why America is still in two foreign wars, in spite of a "Change" new president being elected and a new Great Depression unfolding, with a new general Middle East war (highly likely to become WWIII) breathing down our necks. Congress is bought and paid for and Israel is one of the biggest players in this crooked game.

Diebold admits all versions of their election voting software can delete votes without record - used in 34 out of 50 American states to count votes ~ link ~ I, and many others, have make the point many times that American elections are NOT secure and are highly likely to be compromised - 'he who controls the software controls the outcome of the election'.

Russia confirms S-300 missile shield contract with Iran ~ link

Israel may be planning a ballistic missile attack on Iran ~ link ~ The crazed evil warmongers in Netanyahu's in-coming government always focus on what they can do to Iran/Syria/etc., not on what can be done to Israel (and North America and Europe) by Iran/Syria/etc. in response to an attack. That is a sign of a commitment to begin WWIII and raw evil and/or raw stupidity.

Netanyahu has tapped a former spy feared by USA as his national security advisor - Uzi Arad has been banned from entering America on the grounds that he is a national security risk ~ link ~ Bibi himself is the greatest security risk to the world in the months ahead.

Russia bids to topple US cash system ~ link

Taiwan Army to be cut by 20% ~ link ~ China and Taiwan do not want to fight each other in the coming Third World War and are making "nice" to each other. Mainland China has a large stockpile of nuclear weapons and many have speculated that Taiwan also has a number of nuclear weapons.

Neocons 1, Obama 0 ~ link

UK unemployment to burst through 2 million ~ link

Actress Natasha Richardson near death from Canadian ski slope accident ~ link ~ I loved her in 'The Parent Trap', one of my favorite movies.

Military bureaucrats out Phalanx Barak ~ link ~ The Israels will need a very large number of Phalanx systems if they take on Iran/Syria in a new war, they have up to 50,000 rockets and missiles aimed at Israel (many with WMD).

Kremlin to pitch new international reserve currency (to replace US dollar) at G20 meeting ~ link

Lieberman is the worst thing that could happen to the Middle East ~ link

Jack Straw defies calls to shame and name judges who break the law ~ link ~ For a party that is suppose to represent the working man, the UK Labour Party is really very elitist, always taking care of the rich and powerful.

Iranian UAV downed by US north of Baghdad ~ link

Lord Turner's review prepares to revolutionize banking in UK ~ link

Russia picking moon rocket design - Cosmonauts to the Moon within a decade planned ~ link

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