Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Ireland 'hit worst' by recession ~ link

US government OKs massive $2.1 billion arms sale to India ~

Sarkozy's government faces a no confidence vote over NATO ~ link

Majority of British public wants an Iraq War public inquiry ~ link ~ Don't expect "New Labour" to allow this to ever happen. The truth is poisonous to them.

UK to seize control of Turks and Caicos Islands ~ link

Experts warn: US taxpayers should not expect to get much back from AIG ~ link

Madagascar Army puts opposition leader in power ~ link

Gordon Brown takes 'full responsibility' for financial crisis - but no apology ~ link

European Union warns Netanyahu on hawkish government ~ link

Syria: Relations with Iran will stay strong ~ link ~ So much for the American/French/Saudi/Israeli efforts to separate the Syrian-Iranian alliance prior to a War on Iran. Don't expect that to stop Bibi "Mr. Iran" Netanyahu and his crazy Foreign Minister Lieberman from beginning a nuclear/chemical/biowar nightmare for the entire world by attacking Iran. The most satanic elements of the Illuminati desire a new world war, in their End Game quest for a one world government/New World Order, and they intend to get it this summer.

Bibi asks Peres to try and convince Kadima and Labor to join unity government ~ link ~ See also: Livin again rejects Netanyahu ~ link ~ Labor and Kadima want nothing to do with Netanyahu, they fear the war that he will begin as they well should. The Iranians have Advanced Biowar weapons and they and their Syrian allies have tens of thousands of rockets and missiles aimed at Israel ready to respond if Israel attacks Iran.

60% in UK don't support Afghan War ~ link

Pope declares 'Year of the Priest' to inspire spiritual perfection ~ link ~ The Church has a long way to go in this regards. When my wife was dying of cancer my local bishop suggested that I consider becoming a priest after her passing. I met with the local vocations directer, after she died, but found that they would not allow me to travel daily to/from a nearby seminary. They wanted me to live at a seminary full time. I said that I simply would not subject myself to living in a seminary that had a large percentage of gay students as most Catholic seminaries then did; that I had been married to a good woman for 21 years and had no intention of living in close quarters with a bunch of gayed out men. Later I did a couple of years of part time studies to be ordained a Catholic deacon. I allowed the publisher, who I knew, of a major Catholic web site to publish a private letter to him on the subject of the shortage of priests. This letter recounted my 'no to the gay seminary' story and also covered the fact that the large number of gay priests were not only causing vast legal and financial troubles for the Church but were often the ones behind a radical drift away from traditional Catholic dogma. I gave some examples and an example of how I witnessed a outright sacramental sacrilege at a local church that went unpunished (the shortage of priests has allowed many priests to get by with all types of outrageous behavior). I was removed from the deacon program for speaking the truth.

New York Attorney General says 73 AIG executives received bonuses of $1 million or more each (President Obama has blasted AIG for paying $160 million in bonuses to key employees of the London unit primarily responsible for AIG's meltdown) ~ link

Defense Secretary Gates readies big cuts in weapons ~ link

American Legion strongly opposed to Obama's plan to charge wounded troops for medical treatment ~ link ~ This is shameful, it calls into question the basic morality and good judgment of Obama and his senior advisers.

US Government bails out Citigroup with $45 billion of taxpayers money - CEO gets $10.8 million in compensation ~ link

The Financial Sector: 'A House Buring Down' - Ben Bernanke's False Analogy ~ link

US Senator Grassley says AIG executives should take the Japanese approach and accept responsibility and resign or kill themselves ~ link

Madagascar president hands over power to military ~ link

On African trip Pope says condoms won't solve AIDS ~ link ~ AIDS is a man created disease. In America it was given to male homosexuals in an experimental hepatitis vaccine; in Africa it was given to the general population in smallpox vaccines.

Six Jewish companies own 96% of the world's media ~ link ~ This article has several factual errors. Not least is the fact that 96% is simply way too high for the entire world. Also it states that Rupert Murdoch is a gentile; his mother was Jewish and that makes him a Jew under Jewish law and tradition. I do not generally run articles that blame "the Jews" for this or that. I simply do not think that it is fair nor factual to do so. Eleven years ago I was establishing the fourth national evening television newscast in America (which was to have been in competition with the evening newscasts of ABC/CBS/NBC) and canceled my plans at the last minute when my wife came down with terminal ovarian cancer - so I know something of this business. The real issue is the fact that the Illuminati tends to control the mainstream news media (using certain people as frontmen) and thereby controls the flow of information to the public - at least to those members of the public not smart enough or able to get their news on-line. When I was setting up my proposed news operation, the one thing that worried me was would I be able to keep myself alive long enough to tell some of the truth and then cash out by selling the operation. I knew that either I would sell the operation in a year or two or the hidden powers that be would deal with my next of kin. When you deal in truth to the public you are dealing in power and that is a dangerous business. I know several people who are major players in the news business that are not Jewish; however, they are very careful not to cross the Illuminati by telling the truth about the nature of power, politics, history, economics, etc.

USAF/Air National Guard engineers headed into war ~ link

Happy St. Patrick's Day to my viewers (and yes my ancestry includes some Irish blood, the Coombes family). See a article on St. Patrick and the many miracles he performed ~ link

Fed-up Americans mobilize - over 150 'tea parties' opposing reckless spending ~ link

LA Times Op-Ed: Anti-Zionism is hate crime ~ link ~ The concept of 'Freedom of Speech' is basic to America and is a central part of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. Using so-called 'hate crime' laws to end American Constitutional rights is NOT acceptable. If you oppose the message oppose it but don't try to gut the rights of all Americans to free speech just because you don't like someones' message - that is not the American way.

Barclays Bank obtains British court order banning the Guardian (London newspaper) from publishing information that shows how Barclays set up companies to avoid hundreds of millions of pounds in taxes ~ link ~ That is just one current example of why the American Founding Fathers put 'Freedom of Speech' and 'Freedom of the Press' into the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.

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