Monday, March 16, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Lord Stirling
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I have been asked by readers what they should do to prepare for a possible World War and for ever worsening economic conditions. I have a private direct one-on-one service for advice. The cost is US$100 for a half hour. 'ETHER' hosts the service and the contact information is above.

Taking on the Fed: Tenth Amendment Movement by the States to regain sovereign power ~ link

Seattle man's mission to prosecute Bush ~ link ~ Bob Alexander is leading the fight to bring criminal Bush to justice. I am proud that this man is an Alexander! I am Chief of Clan Alexander worldwide.

Jewish Canadians concerned about suppression of criticism of Israel ~ link ~ I agree with them completely. There is a world of difference between criticizing Israeli government policies (and the politicians that establish these policies) and antisemitism.

House of Lords speech: Baroness Tongue, "The constant accusation of Anti-Semitism to silence Israels critics is vindictive." ~ video link

IDF chief: Strike on Iran a concrete option ~ link ~ And what is the option if the Iranians refuse to allow the Israelis and/or America to destroy them with immunity and use their Advanced Biological WMD/MAD Counter-Force against Israel, North America, and Europe - death in the hundreds of millions? All because the warmongers and nuts have taken over the Israeli government under Bibi "Mr. Iran" Netanyahu and his insane Foreign Minister Lieberman.

Egypt concerned over coming Netanyahu government - "we ....face the most extreme of situations" ~ link ~ This was said by the Egyptian Foreign Minister speaking in the usual muted language of diplomats. We are facing a general Middle East War that will likely become the Third World War/Armageddon this summer.

Freeman's demise as prelude to war on Iran ~ link

Admiral Millen - Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff - US Attack on Iran would focus on use of USAF and USN assets ~ link

10.500 Scottish firms to go out of business by end of 2010 ~ link

Jersey fears for a future without tax haven status ~ link

Soon-to-be-Foreign Minister Lieberman - a dangerous racist demagogue - has called for Palestinian prisoners to be drowned in the Red Sea ~ link

Bank of England: Britain showing signs of heading for 1930s style depression ~ link

Pakistan's Chief Justice to be reinstated in bid to defuse protests ~ link

UK: 'Rubbish police' and re-education for homeowners as microchipped trash bins allow local government to monitor citizens recycling habits ~ link ~ The British people really need to tell the high tech police state fascists to go to hell.

Ancient British title for sale ~ link

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Anonymous said...

Get right with God.Buy food and supplies,and learn about home remedies for illnesses.Iodate tablets for nuke fallout.Colloidal Silver.Water purifiers and first-aid kits.Radios and flashlights,etc.,Cash on hand for a Bank Holiday.And gold and silvr coins for bartering.Not much else one can do.Nowhere to run and hide unless one has access to the DUMBS,in which case all is prepared for them anyhow.Oh..and anyone that is foolish enough to still have vested interests in the Stock Market---pull out now.The plug can be pulled at any time.Especially when you have the Usurper and Whirly Ben saying the "recession" might end in a year.