Sunday, March 15, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Physicist develops battery using a new source of energy - 'spin battery' ~ link

Far Right signs coalition deal with Bibi Netanyahu ~ link ~ Netanyahu is forming a government of evil warmongers and nutcases - what a combination!

Mexico, Pakistan and the so-called "failed state" ~ link

2,000 more Mexican troops sent to US/Mexican border city ~ link

AIG to make $165 million in bonus payments - after receiving $170 billion in taxpayer bailout ~ link ~ You know, I have a great imagination but in my wildest imagination I could not come up with something this far out. The truth is really stranger than fiction.

Russia grounds MiG-29 air fleet due to defects ~ link

US Congress to make it illegal to grow your own food ~ link ~ The best Congress that money can buy.

New tools of genetic engineering ~ link

Over half of Mexico's municipal police unfit for positions ~ link

Turkey purchases 30 new F-16 fighters ~ link

Barack Obama's pledge to tighten gun laws is fueling buying boom in guns in USA ~ link

Russian Air Force chief eyes bases that can target mainland USA ~ link

America's Darth Vader - Dick Cheney ~ link

Pope plans first official UK papal visit ~ link

Medvedev - Russia facing 'unprecedented' economic crisis ~ link

Strategic team to advise Bibi's government ~ link ~ How about advising him NOT to start WWIII.

Partial list of corporate names allowed to know what is in secret copyright treaty Obama claims is matter of 'national security' ~ link ~ Treaties are matters of law in America - No law can be secret in America under the Constitution!

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