Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

US Army investigating How and Why US Army troops were sent into Alabama town after murder spree ~ link ~ This is not really too sinister, there was a local US Army base and the Military Police there are considered another local police force (which they are on the base) in the area. The mass murders overwhelmed the 5-man local police force and they put out a general call to all nearby police forces for emergency assistance. This happens sometimes in police and fire departments and it is a matter of honor for all local "brother" departments to step up and help out.

US consumer prices rise 0.4% in February ~ link

American dollar tumbles as the Fed said that it will buy US Treasury bonds ~ link

Obama drops controversial health care plan for wounded veterans ~ link ~ That this became an issue calls into question the wisdom, morality, and good common sense of the Obama Administration.

US Federal Reserve to pump another $1 TRILLION into American economy ~ link ~ Platinum coffin nails for America.

US Attorney General signals shift in marijuana enforcement policy ~ link

Two biggest Congressional recipients of "bonuses" (political contributions) from AIG = Senator Chris Dodd and then-Senator Barack Obama ~ link

US DOD policy to undercut civilian ammo supply reversed after two Montana US Senators forced the issue ~ link

Despite drug war and trade dispute - Obama to visit Mexico April 16-17 ~ link

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