Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Russian-Chinese Su-33 naval fighter deal collapses ~ link

Russia urges end to 'rhetoric' on Korean Peninsula ~ link

Chas Freeman Speaks ~ link

Wikileaks Alert: Murder in Nairobi ~ link

The modern state of Israel - Rothschild ~ link

British and French industrial production falls ~ link

Teen gunman kills 16 in Germany ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

Congressman Ron Paul: Obama foreign policy identical to Bush's ~ link

NSA Chief, Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, continues bid to take over cybersecurity ~ link ~ My clan, Clan Alexander, seems to have more than its share of senior military people in America and the United Kingdom and has for the last several centuries.

What Obama can learn from European Healthcare ~ link ~ Medicine in America is a massive crooked racket - part fraud - part extortion - totally obscene.

Credit cards are the next credit crunch ~ link

Screening tests now 'feasible' for ovarian cancer ~ link ~ This is good news. My young wife died of ovarian cancer almost ten years ago.

Test prove Tsar's entire family martyred at Yekaterinburg ~ link

Peace rallies: Ireland unites against the killers ~ link

The 'Rare Earth' delusion - billions of Earth like planets ~ link

Dinosaur carvings in ancient Cambodian temple
~ link ~ Strange story with photos.

Obama's Toxic Brew ~ link

Out of chaos - A New World Order ~ link

Ulster despairs: Northern Ireland gripped by fear of a return to the 'Troubles' ~ link ~ I cannot help but wonder if this is all another false flag operation. Useful for the ever expanding high tech police state in the United Kingdom 'because of terrorism'.

Speaker Pelosi made repeated requests for luxury military aircraft for her transport needs ~ link

South China Sea naval US/China 'encounter' has strong ripples ~ link

Ten shot and killed in Alabama by crazed gunman ~ link

Breaking the taboo on Israel's spying efforts against the USA ~ link

The Federal Reserve is Bankrupt ~ link

Intelligence nominee Freeman drops out ~ link ~ see also: Freeman speaks out ~ link ~ The fact that President Obama allowed this orchestrated attack against Ambassador Charles Freeman, from the Israeli Lobby, because Freeman puts American interests first is outrageous. It shows that a foreign power is running things in America.

The case for giving Eil Lilly the corporate death penalty ~ link

EU 'equality law' will allow atheists to sue Christian hospitals and charities that display crucifixes or religious images ~ link ~ The EU is the creation of the Rothschilds and their Illuminati. This law is strongly anti-Christian and should be the beginning of the end of the European Union - that is if the European peoples have any backbone.

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