Saturday, March 7, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Eisenhower's Holocaust ~ link ~ I have a few disagreements with this article. Eisenhower was not incompetent; he was a master at logistics and that played a key part of what he did. It is worth noting that similar events took place in British POW camps. My kinsman, Field Marshall Viscount Alexander of Tunis would not mistreat his prisoners and he was sent off to Canada to serve as Governor-General due to the Alexander connection to the founding of English-speaking Canada. Later he was created Earl Alexander of Tunis. I am not really certain just how many German POWs died due to mistreatment at the end of the war, but I suspect that the number was high, especially in the Soviet Union. This reflects the satanic nature of many world leaders. Keep that in mind in the months ahead - don't trust your government, not at all.

Mexican capo 'Shorty' Guzman key to drug war deaths? ~ link

Barack Obama bets the farm in $4 Trillion poker game ~ link

Israel's Nuclear Weapons ~ link ~ I believe that the current total of nuclear weapons possessed by Israel is well over 600.

UK police have massive databank on legal protesters, campaigners and journalists - files maintained with those on criminals ~ link ~ The NeoCon Labour Party is well down the path towards turning the United Kingdom into a modern day high tech police state.

British NeoCon Peer Lord Mandelson splatted in face with green custard ~ link

What's Dead (Short Answer: All of It) ~ link ~ MUST READ article on the economic collapse!

US Jobless rate tops 8% ~ link ~ This reflects the official figures. The mode of calculations has been so watered down and changed over the years the current figures are but a fraction of the real truth - reality is a jobless rate about 25%!

Rising risk of a global L-shaped depression (instead of a u-shaped one) ~ link

Collapse of the Historical Archives of Cologne destroys over a millenium of historical European documents ~ link ~ Something is very strange here! There is more to this than meets the eye.

General Motors shares hit lowest point in 75 years - since May 4, 1933 ~ link

Charles Freeman's unpardonable 'sin' ~ link

Ten things you can do to stay in your home ~ link

American Catholic bishops may close all Catholic hospitals if hospitals forced to perform abortions under Obama sponsored Bill - one in six Americans hospitalized in USA is cared for in a Catholic hospital ~ link ~ Makes me proud to be a Catholic. The Church has to have the courage to stand up for what is right.

Madoff expected to plead guilty ~ link ~ The guilty plead will prevent a public trial and the release of information that could link Madoff to American and Israeli intelligence organizations and organized crime.

Large amount of material donated for US troops in Iraq destroyed in landfill ~ link ~ The powers that be simply do not care about our service people.

Robert Mugabe's attempted assassination of Prime Minister Tsvangirai - Mrs. Tsvangirai killed in 'auto crash' ~ link

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