Friday, March 6, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Mexican drug gangs combat teams loading up on bullets in USA ~ link

Israeli Ambassador to USA quits after Bibi tells him to leave the room during a meeting with Hillary Clinton ~ link

Gordon Brown says he is on the brink of a deal for international banking regulation ~ link ~ The opening phase of the synthesis stage (thesis/antithesis/synthesis) of the Illuminati game plan for a New World Order/one-world slave state.

Lieberman demanding "Full Autonomy" as Foreign Minister under Bibi ~ link

New York City budget backlash - Thousands rally at City Hall ~ link

Two Pennsylvania judges expected to be sentenced to over 7 years in Federal prison for jailing kids for cash ~ link ~ This is a key danger of privately owned jails and prisons and why they should be outlawed.

Haaretz: Jews may be caught between Obama and Netanyahu ~ link

US lawmakers sharply criticize Fed over AIG - calling AIG a "lost cause" ~ link

Mubarak's son - and expected successor - slips into Washington ~ link

The US Economy - Designed to fail ~ link

The economic destruction of USA may be one step in a global banking power grab ~ link

US Intelligence czar: Economy is top threat to America ~ link

Vaccine contained live bird flu virus ~ link ~ Was this an attempt to begin a major panademic - to 'thin the herd' - that was foiled?!!!

Creditworthiness of USA deteriorating rapidly ~ link

United Kingdom Police State: Passports will be needed to purchase cell phones ~ link ~ It is time that the British people put a stop to this crap.

New cold war on hold? Is Obama ready to drop missile defense? ~ link

Charles W. "Chas" Freeman - Why he matters ~ link ~ This is the man that the Israeli Lobby is so opposed to. He is not anti-Israel; just someone in a position of power in the American Government that puts America first -- That is his "crime".

Chinese finding American real estate a bargain ~ link

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