Thursday, March 5, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Prison of Nations ~ link ~ A interesting partial overview of Europe and the world in the Great Depression 2.0

Now as the Much Greater Depression progresses ~ link

Surveillance Self Defense ~ link

Bonus peer tried to pull off world's biggest bank raid ~ link ~ This article points out that the bonus peer had a 'lordship of the manor' "title" and was calling himself "Lord" whatever. English lordships of the manor are NOT titles, and especially they are not peerage titles. The only genuine title of nobility that you can purchase today, in the entire world, from a nation that has an official system of titles is a Scottish feudal barony. In any case, peerage titles (like mine) cannot be purchased. Demanding large "donations" for the British Labour Party for recommendations for life baronies (peerage titles for the life of the holder; not hereditary) is what got Tony Blair forced out of office. [My book, CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN, on this topic is available at ~ link.]

Great Medical Research - regeneration of human cells and body parts ~ link

Automakers worldwide seeking government help amid collapsing sales ~ link

Israel seriously considering Iran military operations ~ link

Queen and President Obama to have private meeting next month ~ link

NATO renews formal ties with Russia ~ link

Two US Senators call for investigation into Bush crimes - video ~ link

Research claims purity of prayer effects beauty of water crystal ~ link

Guinea-Bissau collapse deepens ~ link ~ Another narco state bites the dust. The people have to take the initiative in narco states to end the drug induced crap; this goes double in Africa which has had way too many 'thug' ruled nations.

Vancouver lawyer Gail Davidson - Canada should bar or prosecute Bush ~ link

Obama needs to withdraw troops more quickly and completely ~ link

Gorbachev criticizes Putin's party ~ link

Cutting US Defense Department spending is politically unpopular but more dollars will not necessarily make for a better defense ~ link ~ My Global Reach Warfare Concept (see EUROPE archives) would be a smart thing to do but DOD does not often do the 'smart thing'.

Europe's eastern crisis - the reality test for the EU ~ link

'Accidental' Contamination of vaccine with live Avian Flu virus virtually impossible ~ link ~ This is how AIDS was spread in USA (experimental hepatitis vaccine) and in Africa (smallpox vaccine) - and it was NOT an accident in either of those cases either.

War Comes Home To Britain ~ link

Suspicions grow that cricket team attack was an 'inside job' ~ link ~ There are powerful forces (Israel - NeoCon - Illuminati) that are seeking the destruction of Pakistan and even a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

US Federal Reserve refuses to release identity of credit default swap counterparties ~ link ~ Serious questions are being raised about the link between AIG and intelligence agencies (such as CIA and Israel's Mossed) and other Illuminati operations. The Fed, and the US Treasury, will also not release to the American people who is getting the bailout money. As the stink from the Bush/Obama bailout gets worse and worse, the people are beginning to smell a really large rat. The Internet is now the source of news for those of us with a brain and it is not bought and paid for like the mainstream news media. This is fueling a race to the finish between the Illuminati trash and the people of this Earth: Will the Illuminati kill most of us off and enslave the rest in a high tech police state/New World Order or will we refuse to go to our slaughter willingly.

The British start to fight back ~ link ~ The Convention on Modern Liberty, which I (and this blog) have supported, has been a great beginning on the people fighting back against the NeoCon/Illuminati satanic trash.

Intel Council head draws ire of Israel lobby ~ link ~ Just who the hell do these people think they are - the Lords and Masters of us all?!! Also see this for an example of how the Lobby will go about trying to kill the appointment~ link

General Motors says it will go bust in days without a further multi-billion dollar taxpayer loan ~ link ~ Please, Obama, let them go bankrupt! That is what the bankruptcy laws and courts are for. The US Bankruptcy Court can rewrite their insane union contracts and force them to make hard decisions that any and all business should have to make.

Report: Israel nears attacking Iran ~ link ~ My best guest is that a war on Iran will come about three to four months after Bibi takes office.
Also see: Lieberman: War on Iran unimaginable ~ link ~ Is this super-war hawk beginning to look at what Iran can do to Israel not just what Israel can do to Iran? Good for him - when faced with a MAD counter-force any sensible person will take a VERY LONG HARD LOOK at the facts before jumping into a war that can only bring death and destruction on both sides.

PM Gordon Brown leaves US without clear boost ~ link

Senator Teddy Kennedy to receive honorary Knight of the British Empire from Queen ~ link ~ As the honor is honorific he will not officially be "Sir" nor does it require consent of Congress (as he holds federal office). A number of former US presidents and officials have held similar honors including former President Bush Senior. A little known fact: Senator Kennedy's mother, the late Rose Kennedy, was a Papal Countess. A title given to her by Pope Pius XII.

Obama going gray after 44 days in office ~ link ~ That or the election is over and he is no longer coloring his hair.

Israel still arming Georgia ~ link

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