Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

"This revolting trade in human lives" - for-profit prison companies - "is an incentive to lock people up" ~ link

Japan prepares to shoot down North Korean missile test ~ link ~ There are indications that the last major North Korean multiple missile test involved several missiles being destroyed by US forces.

Congressman Ron Paul: Audit the Fed's books ~ link ~ Ron Paul is a decent and honest man, something very rare in the American Congress.

Russian general says recent satellite collision may have been deliberate - part of US anti-satellite warfare test ~ link

The government is in debt to private banks that pretend to have money ~ link

Pink dolphin appears in US lake ~ link

Let AIG go bankrupt NOT the USA ~ link

End Times or End of an Era? Passage in Timothy pegged our time with accuracy ~ link

Medvedev will NOT accept any deal linking talks with Obama Administration over US missile shield in Europe with Iran policy ~ link ~ So much for the Obama strategy to separate Iran from Russia.

Sec. of State Clinton does not expect diplomacy to work with Iran ~ link ~ One thing is certain, following the NeoCon route to yet another Middle East war is not only crazy and criminal, but with Iran's existing Advanced Biological War WMD, it will kill off maybe a third of the human race.

Italian doctor claims he has cloned three babies ~

Thousands of armed Mexican troops and police pour into Mexico's most violent city as drug/civil war expands ~ link ~ Stay out of Mexico!

State of Hawaii cuts payments to poor and disabled in half ~ link ~ But the Federal Government can spend $9.5 TRILLION to bail out the crooks on Wall Street and the banks. Oh yes, it is going to be a HOT SUMMER, which is what the Illuminati want - it is part of their overall strategy/plan.

Medvedev and Putin backers said to be in financial power struggle ~ link

Stock Market meltdown adds to baby boomer worries ~ link

'Tidal wave' of homeless children hits US schools ~ link

"To Politicians we're little more than meaningless blobs on a monitor - Bring on the Summer of Rage" ~ link

European Court of Human Rights fines Turkey in Greek Orthodox Church case ~ link

Bibi will not commit to two-state principle ~ link

America's Fiscal Collapse ~ link

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